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Not Having and Greed Slots

Updated on September 15, 2015

Haves and Have Nots

Few days back, I received an e-mail from my friend depicting a small, poverty ridden under nutritious sick boy sitting and waiting for a food and behind it was a vulture waiting for its food - a boy’s carcass. Looking at this picture, I was in a severe state of shock because we all have the rights to live and live life as we wish but these are literal words with no reality in it. Truth should be asked for the boy starving with hunger. The reality is -we all are slaves of our fate, destiny plays a very important role in our lives. How can people in this world with more poverty and hunger live a wishful life? Sometimes it is indeed surprising why there is so much disparity between human since we all are his children. Why one does get more than another is the question largely looming on our head?

Here it is not only the case of hunger, but even people with ‘haves’ are dissatisfied and bearing many tortures, pain and agony. Little can one do to help one to come out of this predicament its all fate - destiny. Destiny does not spare anybody out of its wrath as it is master in its game. When one will have to face the wrath of destiny is unpredictable?

Sometimes in our life greed also makes us unhappy every human has to set a limitation of its needs and desires. Desires should not overcome your earning if it does than its certain to bring unhappiness in one’s life, one has to be satisfied with what one has or spent wisely people of ‘haves’ categories should always be on guard. Happiness is not in the materialistic things and for few, it must be but momentarily one has to accept this fact. The fact of life is different for today’s youngsters. Here is an example of a boy, to gift his girlfriend readily stole expensive cosmetics only to impress her while stealing he was caught red-handed and was severely humiliated in front of the crowd. This incidence indicates how one’s morality can easily fall in the hands of temptation.

In life one do face many weak moments to perform certain acts which is not morally acceptable, but one has to believe in oneself and almighty, he or she can overcome this greed one should not forget in one’s life one should set limitations to their desires and if one has more than one’s need try to help others in their hour of need and then see one will definitely find real happiness in one’s life. In this way the world will be a wonderful place to live in with little discrepancies.


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Hi Kalpana, very good life lessons here. Thank you for the follow too.


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