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Importance of Video Presentation Skills for Online Writers

Updated on June 12, 2020
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He is associated with science communication, research and project evaluation for the past twenty-five years and interested in helping others

Video Contents Emerge as Popular Mass Communication Medium

Now technology has advanced to such a level that the audience is driven to the video platforms. Because of this, effective communication is only possible if it is presented to the audience in the form of medium which they like to have. 5th generation mobile technology is going to support the internet of things where videos play a very important role. Streaming video makers are increasing than ever before. They have competition between each other and are in search of high-quality content. They also look for content that carries the latest information. Therefore, the authors with the latest high-quality content are on demand. There is no doubt that the written content is the basic needs of all these hi-tech content forms. Important than any other field writers need to present their contents through videos. This not only gives powerful life to the content making it conversate live with the audience.

5 Advantages of Video Presentation

We can have some important five attributes which make it clear why video creation skills are important for content writers.

1. Professional Persuasion

Persuasive storytelling and hitting the right chord will make the content viral. It the best situation to hear about the content live from the writer who knows both the ends of the story very well.

2. Long-Lasting Impressions

Visual expressions, varied tones of verbal communication, paralinguistic communications, and visual entertainment make the impressions long-lasting. These also create some sort of hypnotizing or psychological effects of information delivery.

3. Stronger Networking

Visual expressions, connectivity with the audience, and more lively personification make it possible to build strong bonding between the author and the readers and build stronger networks for long term effects.

When the right point gets connected to the audience it becomes easy to convey the objective of the topic. Ultimately the goal of the writer to convey and deliver the message to the audience becomes easy.

4. Content Creation Doctrine

Doing so an author will get educated yourself of high value. Content creation, audience satisfaction, and further demands raising expertise will be yielding to him. Thereby he will become an author of recognition, reputation, and rewards.

5. Be Modern and Trendy

It is natural that people like tech-savvy persons having modern thinking. These are essential as the majority of information flow and the trends are with the latest technology. People dislike non-contemporary and technology ignorant trends. Therefore writers also need to swim along with the tide.

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Essential Requirements

Mobile phones come with a camera and essential tools. If a selfie camera and selfie light are there in the mobile phone, you can manage. But for those who would like to do it in a more organized way with high-quality video, they can go for a computer with the following specifications.

Computer Hardware

Laptop or desktop computer with at least 720 p web camera

High-quality microphone and speakers

Broadband Internet Connection

Lighting arrangements from the front side

Plain wall in the background or a green-screen

Computer Software

Slide making software such as MS PowerPoint

Video editing software such as Adobe Premier

Communication of Ideas to Masses

We give a lot of importance to creativity in writing. It is because creative content connects better with the readers than the normal writings. Creative writings with personified characters and storytelling mode of communication with some humour and thrill elements are very much engaging.

Creativity in the form of writing alone is not complete. When we add verbal dimensions, it gets elevated one more level higher in engaging ability. When it is seen through visual media with some sort of narration or dramatization, it becomes almost complete. Naturally, we love movies or feature films than novels or featured articles.

Let us see what are the different aspects which make the creative contents important for a writer in the present-day digital era.

SMART Contents

Creative articles are preferred because they connect the writer very well with the common audience. It utilizes less amount of analytical thinking. The topics get life by becoming creative and it passes on information meaningfully. It simulates a realistic situation. Difficult things are made simple and described in lucid language.

Selection of the Topic

The choice of the popular topic and relevance to the public is more important. What is interesting and on the vogue and contemporary gains more readership is important.

Making up an Ambience or Structure of the Content

Unlike conventional articles or technical writings, creative contents have to be structured in such a way that the style of writing and the flow itself creates interest.

Additional Elements of Humour and Innovation

Elements of humour are added so that they enjoy while receiving the information. Characters are introduced to give life to the story.

Re-Writing the Original Contents

Way of writing a normal article is different from that of a creative article. while bringing in creativity sometimes the article itself has to be twisted and tweaked to make it completely creative.

Trigger to the Object

Make the objective completely evident and crystal clear and trigger the shot exactly to the object. This gives the audience a perfect picture of what the author wants to convey to the audience. Trim the unclear elements and make the story perfect.

So, it is now very clear that creative articles can convey the information better than normal articles. In the present day digital world, mobile phone friendly websites make creative content more needed for the audience. It is also easy to create influencer marketing and development content communication effectively among the public.

Modern Delivery Channels

The above five points on the importance of video make it evident that the writer will deliver high-quality content by gaining skills in video creation. Topics that are suitable for presentation through video are certainly of useful and interesting quality to the audience. In tune with the development of technology, unless and until the writer also gets equipped with skills of video creation, he will be considered as outdated. Remaining trendy and modern by the utilization of the latest technology platforms, we can see the opening of more and more avenues to the writers. Ultimately, it is possible to flourish and get rewarded being skilful in video presentation modes for communicating the contents effectively.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Halemane Muralikrishna


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