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Innocence takes many forms!

Updated on September 8, 2014

The book is set in Bisbee, Arizona

Modern downtown Bisbee, Arizona
Modern downtown Bisbee, Arizona | Source

I read every Joanna Brady Mystery by J.A. Jance as soon as I can get my hands on it. This one was no exception, and I am very pleased that was the case again, this time. A special twist was that as the date of release of the book approached, Jance put out a related Novella, The Old Blue Line, which I obtained on my Kindle. It was a nice mystery story about the current husband of Joanna a few years before they married. Actually, the end of the book is when and how they met. I was a clever way to add this "interestin" back-story information without taking up space in a regular novel in the series. The eBook also included the Preface and Chapter One of the new novel, "Remains of Innocence," which was really good marketing, in itself.

The twist in the "Remains of Innocence" this time is that a murder in Massachusetts and one in Bisbee, Arizona, occur at about the same time. We get both strories, rolling along, simultaneously. The Bisbee murder involved both the city police and the county sheriff. A second murder occurs that again involves both departments. We get a fine look at both the cooperation, and the inherent tensions, that accompany this stretching of the personnel of both departments. These organizational things are especially intriguing, to me.

As things begin to come together, it doesn't seem possible that what seems to be happening is about to happen. Know the feeling? Well, I'm not about to spoil the stories. The commonalities, the differences, and the possibly involvement of a mob-boss on trial in Massachusetts make some particularly curious possibilities. Oh, and the Federal government gets involved, as well, just for added, dare I say, comic relief? Not really comic, but you'll understand when you get there... Jance is so good at some of these perspectives. Another good one!! ;-)

The Old Blue Line: A Joanna Brady Novella
The Old Blue Line: A Joanna Brady Novella

This is the book I read first, about Joanna's husband.


Panoramic view of Bisbee, Arizona in 2009

Setting for the Jance novels on Joanna Brady
Setting for the Jance novels on Joanna Brady | Source

If you like that, you may like this

"Back to the Homeplace" is the first novel in "The Homeplace Saga" series of family saga historical fiction stories. It introduces characters and a setting much like Jance has done with Joanna Brady and Bisbee.

Back to the Homeplace
Back to the Homeplace

This is my novel that I would like you to read. Thank you.


The mystery novella in "The Homeplace Saga" Series of stories

"Murder by the Homeplace" follows in time, in the fall of 1987, immediately after the story in "Back to the Homeplace." Leading characters from the novel play secondary roles in the novella. Secondary characters from the novel take leading roles in the novella.

Murder by the Homeplace
Murder by the Homeplace

This is my mystery novella. It takes place immediately following Back to the Homeplace. Can you guess who was murdered?



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