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it takes more than an interesting title and photo to get readers to subscribe to your articles

Updated on December 26, 2013


Yes an interesting title and photo can get you more readers but to have more people subscribing to your articles and to build enough credibility that will keep readers constantly subscribed to your directory page or articles, it will take more than just an interesting title and interesting thumbnail or photo. You should have an interesting content as well. You should come up with a content that will justify the interesting title and photos after reading. Even when you have an attractive photo or title, the next thing the reader would want to know after reading is whether the content is interesting enough to justify the title and the photo. This will build the credibility that you need as a professional writer.

An interesting article helps to generate readership for your article in three main ways- that is through comments from readers, through sharing by readers and also by subscription.

Importance of subscribers and first readers-Passive readers

When you write interesting articles, you get to have readers subscribing to your content. By subscribing to your articles, it allows readers to gain easy access to more of your interesting articles- that is both previous and subsequent interesting topics. Through subscription you get to have more passive readers. These are to some extent a sort of ready market or audience for your articles. They are usually the first readers of your newly published articles who are going to further promote or recommend your articles to their friends if you continue to publish more interesting articles. They would also help to generate readership for your content as they comment. If you write interesting articles, when your subscribers recommend or start live conversations on the article, it makes it easier for other readers to also find the content and read. If after reading your article is able to confirm to them or justify why it had been recommended to them in the first place, they would also share, comment or even subscribe to your articles. The more subscribers you have for your content, the more first readers you have. Also the more subscribers you have the more you are able to build enough credibility as a professional writer. When you have more people subscribed to your network or article page, it helps to give a professional image to your articles. This helps to build credibility for your articles. It indirectly suggests to other potential readers that you write interesting and quality articles. They would be encouraged to read your content to confirm this impression of your content. The more subscribers you have on the directory, the higher your articles rank high in search engine results.

An Interesting article Creates new Forum

When you have an interesting article, it is able to generate comments from the readers. Comments from readers even make the content or article more interesting to other readers. It draws the attention of other readers to the article and makes them want to be part of the conversation. They would read so than also share their views on contribute to the discussion on the article. An interesting article is able to inspire readers to share a comment or their views. The more comments you have from readers, the more keywords added to your content and this it helps to add more keywords to the content. This helps to make your article search engine optimizeable.

An interesting article gets shared by readers-Interesting articles are worth sharing

Another way that an interesting article is able to generate readership for your content is through sharing by readers. This means that your article should interesting enough for other people to also share with their friends on other social networks (such as facebook and twitter) after reading. You should therefore write interesting articles to get more people to subscribe and also to make your already existing subscribers share and comment on your articles. After reading an interesting article, most readers would want to know the views of their friends on the article. An interesting article makes readers more willing to share the content so that other friends can read and share their views on the topic or the article. As the article to some extent puts into words, exactly what they would like to say or express in words themselves, they would want to know the thought of their friends on the article. In this case, writing an interesting article doesn’t only mean an idea that confirms the thoughts of all readers. You could still generate a forum even when you have readers disagreeing with your ideas or discussion. Sharing their views would also high rank your article in the search engines. After reading and the reader is able to confirm that the content is truly interesting or justifies the title and photo attached, they are more likely to share or recommend for friends as well.

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