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Ideas For Entries For Your Journal

Updated on March 21, 2014

So You Need Ideas For Your Journal?

Keeping a journal is one way to take your feelings out. But what if you want to write in your journal but you don't have an idea? You would abandon your journal and wait for an idea to come to you. Well, there are some ways to get your ideas.

You can go look through pictures, watch the news or some other show, read journals from other people who share them, whatever it takes to get an idea on board. I wouldn't recommend looking through a sibling's diary or something or eavesdrop on someone's conversation to get an idea. That would be rude.

What Kind of Journal Are You Writing Or Want To Write?

There are many types of journals. It's up to you to discover what kind of journal you want to do.

But first, you should know the answer of the question, "What's the difference between a Journal and a Diary?"

I actually have a blog post on wordpress that explains it. Just to save me time, here's the link:

Journal Vs Diary

Now that you now what the difference between the two are, you need to come up with a subject.

1. Is it going to be like a diary, just a notebook that keeps your thoughts and is about your personal life?

2. Are you going to record your dreams and find the meaning behind them?

3. Is there something you like doing? (Ex. Crafting, Drawing, Reading, Playing Video Games, etc.)

This is probably not the best thing ever, but it's an attempt, nonetheless.

Types of Journals

Just some...

There are many types of journals, but I'm only going to talk about some to you.

1. Personal Journal: This journal is basically just a diary. You talk about things that have gone on in your life and get it out of your system. The good thing about this kind of journal is that it helps relieve stress. It's an outlet for stress, you talk about whatever is stressing you and just let it go. You never have to show it to anyone. It's intended to make you feel happier.

2. Journal dedicated to a hobby of yours. Do you like art? Crafts? Writing? Photography? Video Games? Take whatever hobby you have and just talk about it and share anything you have created or achieved in your journal.

3. Dream Journals. Dream journals are journals where you record your dreams and find the meaning behind them. Here's mine. Even if it has just one entry, you at least get a sample: My Dream Journal

Journal Sites

There are two sites I use for a journal. Penzu and

Penzu is a free online journal that only YOU can view, unless you share the link to an entry to someone else. You can try it out before you register, too! Learn more about Penzu on their website: is another site you could use. You start your own diary, which you can just say journal and you can choose to set it public or private. Public allows people to read it and comment on it while private doesn't. It's simple yet it serves it's purpose. You can read others who have their diary set on public, as well. Learn more about on their website:

Journal Ideas

Here are something you can write about (general, not specific):

~How was your day

~Your opinion on a controversial topic


~Who you look up to

Penzu also offers to send you prompts with questions, statements or quotes to inspire you to write. Of course, you have to go set it all up and such, but it's such a handy tool.

Journal Videos


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    • MonkeyGirl18 profile image

      MonkeyGirl18 3 years ago

      @AmyLOrr: Thank you! :D

      I hope you find a kind of journal you enjoy keeping. :)

    • profile image

      AmyLOrr 3 years ago

      Lovely lens :) I always struggled with keeping a journal as it turns into a 'poor me monologue.' Really enjoyed seeing different ideas :)