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Journey into the cube

Updated on July 27, 2012

The edge of reason was climbing and scratching towards the sky as the fool descended deep down into the ground

Where all the strange creatures from the heavens now dwelled, eating, feasting, sleeping and enjoying the sunlight as it shone along the rising valley which sloped below

Beyond the dreams and over the towering cliff face of hope where even the worlds most darkest and vigorous nightmares feared to go

Out here magic was still king and mystery ruled the shadows that danced and slept in the night turning the sky silver with tiny bursts of light that expanded as they grew into young adults with the faces of children who lay below dreaming

This is the eternal land where the ancient ones came and went

This is the place where the song of tongues echoed through the caves of time

This is where the adventure and her kin now descended in search of the great answer

come with us now

Beyond the edge of reason the lady and her five hidden friends stumbled down the rocks and glared deep into the sun, defying its gaze

It was love that gazed up into the night and brought with her the force of nature that came flying through the hole and out into the cool air where they all stood waiting and watching

As she opened her lips and whispered softly, notes of music came along the wind, taking form and shape, splitting the colours of the rainbow and forming into the face of a desolate child who smiled in time to the music

In her hand, a small pyramid sat, its light drifting upwards also and she and her companions smiled whilst down below in the valley of heaven, the rest looked up and welcomed them with arms open wide

This is the spirit of hope

This is the beginning of all things

This is the time of reason

This is the land we must not forget

This is the place

So enter if you will

Down in the ground we go through the tunnels of the night where they buried all the fallen

Into the landscape of dreams where all the songs lie dormant waiting for the soft spoken one who will come with the artefact in her hand and sing the song of those who came before

Softly, gently and with unspoken words that are rising in the wind and sail on the oceans of light that flicker with the candles in the night

All their arms are outstretched and waiting to claim the sanctuary of the earth from the ones who took it along with the moon and the long gone stars that are glimpsed in the final hours of dusk before the watchers come

They cry and they sing and they catch onto our adventurers arms, who lift them up onto their feet and dust their wings down as she whispers in their ears that all is not forgotten and the night will soon fade as the song reaches new ears

Two lovers embracing as their tongues intertwine through the magic of fire under the moon whose soft light smiles at them as they embrace with their dance of light

The pyramid has opened now and the earth is giving birth to a light of golden hue which rises above sending the sky below and the waters inbetween

Somewhere along the edge of this silver dawn a white horse stops to glimpse the scene and smiles in her ancient tongue as the ancient city begins to rise from within the valley

One thousand angels stand above the ground with their trumpets softly blowing along the ridge with the astral notes that climb and soar into the land above

The time is now

The end slowly turns

The beginning is shaped inside the yellow pyramid in our lady's hand

Those behind smile and exchange a soft glance as they angels claw their way up the rocks and beyond the valley into the unknown

Soon the sand will crumble and the sky will fall

The earth will tilt and the land below will see its reflection on the side where all things are shaped as they once were through the eyes of a golden hound

The song of freedom is also the landscape of hope

And the dream that was once forgotten shall be reclaimed

Recognition turns the key inside the door

Slowly a gentle wind will great the lady as she stares into the pool of light that she has searched for all these years

Softly and gently they all rise with the wind and the skies crumble below

To the sound of the trumpet

Which calls them all to the place beyond the hills

Where the old men wait and watch

And the woman soon pick up the tune

Once lost

Never forgotton

It was here all along

The animals take up the cry and the world wakes to a sound it has not heard in a very long time

Truly it is said magic is always just at the edge of your dreams

Down here in the valley of lost souls

The lady smiles and turns the lock

Her time has come and now the dawn will sing her song


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    • profile image

      Anthony 6 years ago

      This is some seriously spine tingling stuff. I'm not joking!

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      Beautiful with amazing imagery.

    • Nelly A. profile image

      Nelly A. 6 years ago

      You're such a great writer! I loved reading this hub.