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J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood

Updated on February 25, 2017
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially on movies, and actors she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Lover to Read

Yes I realise that's a corny title, but for the moment I cannot think of anything else.

So the Black Dagger Brotherhood is a group of warrirors that help to protect their kind against the Lessening Society, which are identified by the smell of baby powder or cotton candy (something sweet smelling)

In the past I had read the first book and then Lover Avenged came out and read that. So in 2013 I figured while I was doing a reading quest to get rid of as many books as I could, I decided to start collecting the rest of the BDB series to read in full (and likely keep the set). I didn't get to even get to read the series for my 2013 'year of the book series' quest but for 2014's I can enjoy the books as I am not doing a full challenge to read a book in a certain amount of time . I ws burnt out by November (surprised I lasted that long!)

Within these pages you will find the books noted in order with what character is the star, as well as their mate and other information.

The listing of the books where I will include my reviews as well other sections that I will make notes in.

Other Characters of note (& who fans would like to see play them if there's a movie)

I hope you will enjoy this lens. it is part of my 2014 Reading Room lens. (you can find the link below)

The Plan

Notes for the books.. Reviews in NEXT section

J.R. Ward Official Site

My Gods I wish I knew what the models name is, on the cover of Lover Avenged, so I know who I dream about at night. This picture is Scrumptious! If there's ever a movie, can this guy actually play the character?

I re-read Dark Lover & when I got to it Lover Avenged, being as i'd like to read the series all this year but not sur ehow that will work. I prefer to marathon read the series but I think I'll take my time and read a book or two in between as I may just keep the series, to read again in the future. so it will give me a chance to read some that I do not plan to keep.

I can't wait to use the insider's guide. There's are some 'deleted' scenes so I may read those as I read the books. I'll have to put post its in the books to refer to the deleted scenes and read those as if it's in the book. The insider's guide also have Brotherhood Dosseries, interviews, board threads the brootherhood interviewing J.R. Ward and a few other goodies. I also think she should come out with a revised version all from the first insider's guide and add a 2nd section for the books that came after it.

Series information & totals

(series) Start= February 23*

I won't be reading this like a marathon like I did with series in 2013 so there will be a start & stop for each book the Insider's guide goes with as well.

*Insider's Guide- Started Feb 23 (for Wrath's Dossier and other information)

The Black Dagger Brotherhood are highly trained vampire warriors who protect their species against the Lessening Society which is an order of slayers govenred by the Omega for the purpose to obliterate Vampire kind.

Members of the Lessening Society after they join, over time their features (hair, skin & eyes) start to pale.

takes place in Caldwell, New Jersey,

Book order

Title, Brother & his 'Shellan'

1. Dark Lover - Wrath & Beth

2. Lover Eternal - Rhage

3. Lover Awakened - Zsadist & Bella (& daughter Nalla)

4. Lover Revealed - Butch O'neal

5. Lover Unbound -Vishous

6. Lover Enshrined -Phury

7. Black Dagger Brotherhood Insider's Guide

8. Lover Avenged - Rehvenge

9. Lover Mine - Darius/John Matthew

10. Lover unleashed - Payne sister of Vishous

11. Lover Reborn - Tohrment

12. Lover At last - Qhuinn & Blay

13. The King

14 The SHadows

15 Blood Kiss (Black Dagger Legacy)

16 The BEast

17 Blood Vow (Black Dagger Legacy)

18 The Chosen (April 2017) Xctor Leader of the Band of Bastards

Which Black Dagger Brother is for you? ~MINE

J.R., Ward has mentioned Zsadist is her favorite character, & Dark Love the book in which she is most proud

BDB Wiki page

besides the review I have also written what I have read of the descriptions J.R. Ward wrote for the brothers, as I read the books. (So so far we have those from Dark Lover)

Total Days to finish series=

The World of the brotherhood - Caldwell NJ

"Live in a 4 story mansion made of greay stone like a place you'd ahve seen in promo for horror movies. Gothic gloomy & Oppressive with more shadows then a person felt safe around, with a small 1 story house across the way having the same Wes Craven feel with gargoyles on the roof."

Clubs Zero Sum Screamers & One Eye

The Tomb - Cast iron doors open to a 50 foot long hall with torches flickering with a 20 foot high ceiling with white stalactites 'that hung down like daggers'. Black iron stations of candles as long as a man's leg, & and thick as an arm

their 'Sanctum Sanctorum' is carved out of bedrock veneered in black marble in the early 1700s when the first migration of them came over from Europe. In front was a raised platform, their Altar on top made out of a slab of limestone brought fromthe old country and propped up by 2 lintels. In the center was a skull. Behind the altara flat wall etched with the names of every brother that ever existed back to the very first whose crainium was on the altar. The inscriptions ran in panels covering every inch of the surface minus an unmarked area in the middle. This was six feet wide and ran the whole vertical of the marble expanse. About five feet up from the floor there were 2 thick pegs that jutted out positioned so a male could grip them and hold himself in place

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1)
Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1)

Featuring Wrath

In the first book Darius is thinking of asking Wrath to help his daughter Beth (who doesn't know about him or what he is) through the transition in case she goes through it. There is an attack on one of the brothers by the Omega while Beth is wanting an adventure which is sure to come


I call the BDB to ORDER - Books 1-5

Dark Lover Started Feb 23 -March 17 (21 Days)

So this book is about Wrath To basically put it as one friend used to say "tall dark and oh my gods" or six feet and change monstrosity who has more than just an intimidating air about him. Long back hair and pale green eyes, which most do not get to see being he's always wearing wrap around sungalsses due to hypersensitivty possibly due to his weak eyesight. Wrath is the last of his kind the only living pureblood vampire left on the planet and the king of his kind and he despises this. He has an almost insanely single minded purpose when it comes to hunting his enemies.

Mated to: Beth

Pet=:cat named BOO

tattoos: noting his royal liniage, his BDB tattoo Beth's name carved into his back other body art as well.

Weapon(s) of Choice-

*Throwing Stars (Typhoons) 3.1 oz of 4-40 stainless steel, 4 inch in diameter w/ Removeable center weight

*'Flashy set of knives' Compeite metal, diamond hard, & beautifuly made by hand

*standard 9 mm Beretta & bullets (to kill lessers) Hollow & filled with some sort of liquid

Lover Eternal -Rhage

started- May 26 -June 7

Neon glowing iridecent "bahama blue stare" (Blue green) long lashes thick & wavy Blond hair lighter in front than back which was cut short. golden skin sculpted features "Mt Everest cheekbones,square jaw straight as an i-beam with soft full lips, broad forehead, and smells amazing" long tapered fingers big boned & thickly muscled body with no fat on it

Mated to: Mary Madonna Luce


tattoos: Multi Colored tattoo of a clawed Dragon covering entire back. Brotherhood scar on left peck muscle. Mary Madonna carved in old english into the skin of his upper back,

Nicknamed: Hollywood (or so Butch calls him)

Weapon(s) of Choice- His beast "Flickering in the monlight with it's body covered in iridescent purple & Lime green scales" (OMG!! she described my dragon!) slashing tail with barbs, Long yellow claws and a wild black mane he turns when he is stressed or in pain

Car: Suped up Deep Purple GTO

Likes Tootsie pops (spc. the red wrapper ones)

vocab= Gauche- socially awkward, laking grace & tact

Dulcet- agreeable or pleansant to hear (becasue its soft or soothing)

Lover Awakened - Zsadist

started= August 1, 2014 -

was abducted when an infant and sold into slavery of the 100 or so years in that he lost his humanity er,.. vampire full of trapped dark emotions

the twin brother of Phury with the same yellow eyes which however turn glossy black when angry

Skull trimmed hair. scarred (as if someone tried to cut his face in half) The thick scar starts at his forehead, down t he bridge of his nose, and curved over his cheek ending on the side of his mouth making his upper lip distorted. for a warrior any male really he was too thin, close to starving, scarred over his left peck and on his right shoulder and scars on his back.

unpredictable aloof loner Has deep black tattooed bands around his wrists & neck to show he's (was) a blood slave.

(tenor) voice of an angel

"a package of menace and high octane hatred"

Mated to: Bella

children: Nalla

tattoos: deep black Slave bands around wrists & neck (showing he was once a blood slave) both Nippled pierced with those silverr hoops with the little ball

car: Iron gray 911 Carrera YS

Weapon(s) of Choice-

Signature Black Dagger Brotherhood Blade holster (& blade) crisscrossed over chest, 2 other knives (strapped to thighs) & a gun belt with 2 SIG saucers (9mm) but preferred to get personal when he killed (using his hands)

Lover Revealed - Butch O'neal

Hazel eyes

Mated to:



Weapon(s) of Choice-

Lover UnboundVishous

cursed with a touch to torch ("after V used his hand on a place nothing was left but ash and small bits of metal")

has Visions & reader of Minds

owns an Escalade

'Diamon' eyes

Mated to:


tattoos: around his (?) Left eye

Weapon(s) of Choice-

Lover Enshrined -

Phury the twin brother of Zsadist Loyal, strong & Devoted to his brother

Yellow eyes that show as bright as the sunshine

lost half his left leg so he has a prosthetic. He shot it off on purpose (no idea why yet)

thick blond, red & brown waves of hair


Butch gets a metrosexual fashion vibe from him

Weapons of Choice Baretta

Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 2)
Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 2)

Feat. Rhage

I thought I was in love with Rhevenge when I got that book (or at least the model on the cover) but Rhage's alter ego is Purple & green & I love the way that looks together.. mmm which Brother to choose?) I this book we meet John Matthew, Bella & Mary. The Lessers have changed their strategies for wiping out the vampire race.

Rhage makes the ultimate sacrifice that just breaks your heart and we see a softer side to one scarry brother (but which one do I mean? The Dragon Or Z?) This one is a bit of an emotional Roller coaster


Vampire legend

has it that the Scribe Virgin created vampires as her one and only legacy, as her chosen children. The Omega Resented her ability to generate life and the special powers she bestowed upon them. The Lessening Society is his defensive response, using humans becasue he incapability to create life and because they are a readily available source of aggretion

Become a BDB Insider - with the Insider's Guide for 1st 6 books

I wish more Author's would do this at half way point of their series (say after every 5 or 10 books & then have a revised edition.

Not sure how I'm going to work on this one. I have read some of Wrath's section of the guide so far as for the deleted scene for Dark Lover it only mentions 'the Beginning' but I don't know where the scene belongs otherwise so I may just read it before I even start Dark Lover.

Other Characters files etc.

Havers Vamp community physician & Marissa's brother

Lash(Lassitter) Blond has a Diamond Jacob & Co. watch

Mary Madonna Brown hair & steel grey eyes

neighbor of Bella before meeting Rhage

Works as Executive assistant in a law office and was previously a rehab specialist for autistic children. Volunteers at a suicide hotline a few days a week & on holidays,

Family: catholic, her mother had muscular dystrophy & Cissy Luce died and

Mary was in remission from Lukeimia but it is back. Father killed when she was 2 & has no sibs

Polo & Khaki preppy fashion

Likes to cook

Her skin is pale & smooth like fine ivory stationery with delicate facial bones, cheeks tinted with a natural blush deep brown hair and gunmetal grey eyes -as seen through Rhage's eyes

Bella 6' feet tall dark wavy hair down to the small of her back, the body of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Did not do the Femme Fatal thing, & quiet & unassuming Writer Never seen during the day

Family: Mated to Zadist sister of Rhevenge


drives an Audi

Wellsie 6ft tall & skin like white china Wavey Red hair down to small of back

Fritz (the Butler) Doggen cheery, loose skin long ear lobes and all those jowels looked like he was melting. His voice is accented with chirpy cadence of a Mozart concerto

I have a new page on the series here

Now THAT's Love!

When one of the warrirors is mated, his mates name is carved into his back across his shoulders.

(I guess like a permanent jersey name)

This ritual is done as a symbol of strength that his body Heart & soul are hers & worth of her

J.R. Ward the Author

J.R. Ward the Author
J.R. Ward the Author
The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide
The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide

by skimming some of the book and currently reading Wrath's Dossier I think it's so cool. There are loads of things in here.

A story is the first I think 80 pages of the book, then Bios/factsheets or "Dossiers' (files) about the Brotherhood, Interviews with them (& they Interview J.R. Ward) 'craft comments' which is actually as far as Dark Lover goes advice or would be writers!. deleted scenes for which I've already marked the pages I need in the books and so on, so I can try to read the deleted senes while reading the book hopefully I can find where the senes properly go. Not all have the page noted that it starts on or where exactly in the 'beginning' and so on.

From what I see & have read so far I hope she makes another soon, that would pick up where this one left off. There is also a section for the would be writers as well. Not sure if it's what she mentions in the brothers' files or if its to elaborate on what is mentioned.


Brotherhood Rules - (Under Thorment)

*If Rhage changes he's on forced R & R for a coule of days

The Series Continued 6-10

I've included the insider's guide here as well only to show the order it came out so you would know what books etc would be included in it.

Lover Enshrined Phury

Lover Avenged Rhevenge

family: sister Bella

Lover Mine John Matthew (Darius reincarnated)

(as described in Lover Eternal ) Born in a bathroom stahl, raised by Our lady of Mercy Orphanage Nuns (which is who named him) Looks like a teenager but is actually 23. Has Dark hair and pale skin, so thin he looks emaciated, but so beautiful he doesn't look human. has a bracelet he made with some characters that look across between chinese & hieroglyphs he said came to him in a dream. (Bella notices this when she meets him) and realizes it spells out the warrior's name Tehrror (in the old language) he likes martial arts & watched the Matrix 4x the day it opened (in different theaters)

Tattoos/scars- star shape Circular scar above left peck muscle (Brotherhood brand) & says was born with it

Lover Unleashed Payne sister of Vishous

favorite Quotes

& lines

Dark Lover

"You're just too mean to find a grave and lie down"-Tohr to Wrath.

*Forget about the minute the curse flipped his psycho switch and the beast came roaring to life.... (on Rhage)

*Felt like he french kissed a blow torch. - Butch at a bar having a scotch after being choked by Wrath

*Welcome to the wonderful world of jealousy, he (Wrath) thought. For the price of admission, you get a splitting headache,a nearly irresistible urge to commit murder and an inferiority complex.

* Jose (Butch's partner) leaves asprin sets uip coffee & turned ringer off on phone saying if anything happens he'll come get Butch which leads to the reason I'm including this one...

Butch's reply: "I love you honey"

Jose's comeback: "So buy me a drink and a nice pair of earrings for our anniversary"

Butch: You got it

There's one quote by Wrath I can't include the whole thing so I will note it's on page 195 last paragraph: In summary it's basically humans are threatened by anything different & they're response is to fight, plus how human's irritate him the way they portray his kind with the likes of Dracula or creating a mystique for boared humans who think the dark side is a fun place to visit.

Z knew the fed EX-tinction package had arrived and wasn't ready to take delivery

Gun Muzzles came out of the windows of the lessening society's soccer mom special like the b** was a stage coach

Scars left wounds on the inside of you as as with skin that didn't heal right, you still felt the rough sopts from time to time

Lover Eternal

She puts the ITCH in B**** (Rhage upon seeing Caith who is one of his own, & a Brother chaser.)

Yeah Well...What if its got room for jell-o -butch to 'V' while Rhage is in Dragon form heading toward Escalade

(Butch Thinking) Those claws wre like daggers. they made Freddie Krueger's set of fun and games look like pipe cleaners.

Supposed to in one hand, s*** in the other; see what you get the most of- V to Rhage

My twin's not brokenn; he's ruined Do you understand the difference? With Broken maybe you can fix things; Ruined all you can do is wait to bury him -Phury to Bella

Fake- it-until- you- make- it more than psychobabble Bull S*** (sometimes pretending to be normal was the very antidote to weirdness) - Mary

Insider's Guide

"White as boxers and just as solid (Rhage interview)

Black Dagger videos - Cast vids by Fans I have not made any of these videos & therefore take no credit

ONe fans wish for a movie cast

a Pintrest album for actors & models to play the characters (shoot I wish I could find out the Model for lover Avenged's name!)

mmm I'm gonna have to come up with my own list of who I'd want to play who in a movie. One would most definately have to be (if possible& keep in Mind they are not all actors, some are musicians & athletes as well)

Here are some of my choices & ideas for the casting of the brothers

Roman Reigns (wrestler) as Wrath

My ideas (actor or not & who of the BDB I think they are best suited (looks wise) to play

David Clarkson (Former NJ Devils / Maple Leaf Hockey) Rhevenge

Taylor Kitsch (I choose) but I've seen him for Phury

Ryan Phillippe -Lash

Henry Cavill , Sam Worthington for Tohrment or

Liam Hemsworth (I can see him more with fangs than his brother) for Thorment or Rhage

M.Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold, actuall has his own set of fangs) as Rhage

Kyle Schmid or Mike Vogel -as well for Phury

Rob Kazinsky -Blaylock (?)

Charlie Hunnam Kevin J Ryan ll

Maksim Chmerkovskiy-Vishous

Jake McLaughlin

Trvis Fimmel or Stephen Amell (arrow)Rehvenge -Rehvenge

I've seen the following listed for the characters...

*=has been named by fans for various characters (if more than 1 that's the # times for that character

The Brotherhood (in Alpha order)

Ahogony Haley Joel Osmet

Butch aka Detroyer Mark Wahlberg, Alex OLaughlin,Paul Wesley** ,Gerard Butler David Boreanez*** & Tom Hardy Ryan Reynolds, Joe Maginello

Blaylock Gerret headlund Joseph Morgan Jamie Bamber Chace Crawford


John Matthew/ Darius Jared Padeleci Tom Welling Henry Cavill


Dr. Manuel John Hamm

Phury Gabirel Aubrey Taylor Kitsch Brad Pitt Kellan Lutz Jackson Rathbone Jason Lewis* Travis Fimmel

Qhuinn Ian Somerhalder Paul Wesley Randy Orton Colton Haynes Gale Harold

Rhage Chris Hemsworth* David Boreanez Jason Lewis Alex Pettifur Alex Skarsgard, Chris Evans*Paul Walker

Rhevenge Marco Di Silva Kellan Lutz


Tohrment Henry Cavill James Marsters John Cena Paul Walker, Gerard Butler

Trez 'Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Vishous Greg Kheel Dean Cain Ian Somerhalder* ERic Dane J Jonathan Rys Meyrs Joe maginello Colin Ferrell Henry Cavill, Dave Navarro (from RHCP)

Wrath- Jason Mamoa Ben Barnes Jason Behr

Zsadist Wentworth Miller** Michael Trevino Vin Deisel * Greg Finley* Nick Zano *Jason Mamoa, Taylor Kitsch Randy Orton

Misc Others I've seen noted sadly without character noted by the fan)

Colin Ferrel, Liev Schriber, Hugh Jackman,Sam Worthington, Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfur

The 'Shellans"


Beth- (supposed to be brunette) Emilie de Ravin *

Cormina- Ashley or Mary Kate Olsen

Ehlena- Aimee Teegarden "Hermione"

Jane- Hayden Pennetire (sp?)

Mary- Natalie Portman or Anne Hathaway

Marissa- (Supposed to be blonde & wraith like formerly Wrath's shellan) Jennifer Lawrence or Emilie de Ravin, Blake Lively


Xhex-Keira Knightly Milla Jovovich

Wellsie- Rachelle Lefevre or Emma Stone

?- Megan Fox

Omega Hayden Christinsen

The Series Continued 11-18

Lover Reborn -Tohrment

Tohrment has shrewed navy blue eyes, military cut black hair Thick shoulders, totaly bad @** looking

Nice guy Empathic

The official leader of the Brotherhood since Wrath took the throne .

THe only brother to not live int he mansion

Cars owned: Ranger Rover Volvo station wagon, & a 60's era Corvette Sting Ray Convertible shiny Ice Blue with white seats that he restored himself.

Mated to: Wellsie & expecting a child

Lover at Last

Quinn & Blay

Blaylock Redhead

car: Quinn hummer

The King

I take this will be about Wrath

The Shadows

Trez & iAm

Blood Kiss

The first of the Legacy spin-off series

The Beast

Gotta be about Rhage right?

Blood Vow

Legacy series #2

The Chosen

(April 2017) Xctor Leader of the Band of Bastards

Milestone 100th Lens

Milestone 100th Lens
Milestone 100th Lens

Icons, Wallpaper & More from Fanpop

Oh & as for the Model on the cover of Lover Avenged... his name is Paul Marron Paul's official Website* book Covers * Covers search

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    • Zodiacimmortal profile image

      Kim 3 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @Seasons Greetings: you have to remember they are all 'introductions' of the characters in a way even though we know them from the previous boos of the other brothers, we get to meet them in their own feature, I've read the first 2 (& at aprevious date the Lover Avenged one as they are in ways the same but all quite different. I am reading them slowly so I can enjoy them but can't wait to see get to 'the king'

    • Seasons Greetings profile image

      Laura Brown 3 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I read most of this series but it got to the point where all the stories became the same story over and over again.


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