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July Is Yellow

Updated on September 1, 2013

July Is Yellow

By A. Gagliardi

Deep in the heart of summer
July shines yellow
Flowers turn cadmium
Days slow to mellow

Stellas wink and nod off
To the music of lassitude

Tawny afternoons
Slip quietly by

The sun sinks into egg yolk
As evenings fade to gold
Mustard Yarrow hides against a fence
Coreopsis whispers bold

Lemon dreams on hold
Dripping shades of yellow

Fair blooms on ripe vines
Slow-down time
Lush grass nuzzle the minutes
With soft slumber

Lethargia of assuming

Inertia attained


        July is Yellow.  It is deep in the heart of summer –redolent with humidity and heavy air. The grass is lush and full. A large variety of yellow flowers hue the landscape: with mustard Yarrow and egg yolk Stella Daylilies drifting into shades of mellow and lemon sprinkles of Pansy, Nasturtiums and Snapdragon wink from their flower patches. Primrose yellows into golden ripeness. Ahhh, but the brilliant Asiatic Lilies that waltz tenderly on the gentle breezes possess the image of the hour.

       July is yellow with lassitude; mellow with the lethargia of fleeting summer hours. The days slide by assuming nothing. Mornings open softly and settle with a sigh, then mellow to evening without a hitch or hiccough. Coreopsis nod as if agreeing to the abundance of sloth. Marigold, in shades of yellow, slowly nuzzle amongst their leaves like newborns snuggled, softly slumbering.

        July is yellow. There is no hurry up. There is no industry or diligence, no last minute rush to accomplish—just the languor of stillness, steeped in the sweet by and by of inertia. The cadmium sun heats the day and convinces the blooms to ripen and soften.
The varieties of Sunflowers bask in daylight like so many bathing beauties.
July is the doldrums of the year – a slowing down of pace and inertia attained.

        July is yellow in heat, yellow sultry sunshine at the apex of the summer. High humidity creates the muggy days of somnolent shades of groggy.
Dripping with newly bloomed flowers all in shades of yellow that signal the slow to a stop time -  the I’m-not-doing-anything-soon time of the year.
           Perhaps this stopping is needed so that life can resume.

Summer Flowers

Lemon yellow Prickly Pair cactus flower along 46th Street in Mpls.
Lemon yellow Prickly Pair cactus flower along 46th Street in Mpls.
Yellow Evening Prim Rose bloom behind dinner plate sized Clematis.
Yellow Evening Prim Rose bloom behind dinner plate sized Clematis.


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    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 5 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      I agree, it is July again and I see the same yellow you do, especially in the setting sun on a humid night, The air itself looks yellowy as the sun fades away. Nice hub.

    • agaglia profile image

      agaglia 5 years ago

      This past July has been one of the hottest and most humid months on record. Did you finally reach inertia?

    • profile image

      Betty Ann 5 years ago


    • agaglia profile image

      agaglia 5 years ago

      Betty Ann,

      Thanks for agreeing and thanks for continuing to read.

      Check out Teacher Annette sometime. - new hub master on parenting.

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