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Just Like Jonah Wail Tales

Updated on October 3, 2014
Just Like Jonah Wail Tales
Just Like Jonah Wail Tales

Exaggerated Tales of Woe

Commiserate with these kids who have made bad choices with Just Like Jonah Wail Tales, exaggerated tales of woe with a Christian message: There's a price to pay when you disobey.

In this collection of stories by your lensmaster, Cheryl Rogers, pre-teens and young teens learn -- just like Jonah -- that disobedience is costly. When we fall, God heeds our call for help and is ready to rescue us with his mercy and grace.

Learn more about this new book on this lens. These stories will help preteens and teens grow closer to God!

About Just Like Jonah Wail Tales

Just Like Jonah Wail Tales is a collection of six stories designed to inspire and teach preteens and young teens the importance of seeking God, and seeking God early. In each of the stories, the kids make bad choices and pay the price of disobedience. But they also learn that God is merciful and quick to forgive, heal, and change their circumstances.

Here's what you'll find inside:

An Election Too Close to Call -- School politics really heats up when Steve, a basketball star, goes head-to-head with the Chess Club star Ken. Steve's life goes into a downhill spiral until he learns winning is not about power; it's about serving.

Grace for Grace -- Grace is a fearful young thing. She's afraid of dogs and people and fear has taken over her life. Her parents don't really know how to help her, so they turn to God and he answers their prayers. A visiting pastor teaches about fear and Grace surrenders her life to God, who gives her a new freedom to be herself.

Barry Gets It Right -- This is the story about a boy named Barry who appears to be lazy, but who actually is very allergic. In his desire to be a normal kid, he decides to seek God -- and God changes his circumstances.

Pssst! There are NO Secrets -- This is the story about a young girl who makes up a fake boyfriend to get another boy to like her. When word gets out that her "boyfriend" is made up, Carrie is mortified and turns to God for help. God hears her prayer and enables her to save face before her friends.

Phil Faces "Hitler" in the Classroom -- Phil's distaste for his math teacher results in disastrous consequences, but when he finds himself suspended and headed for summer school he repents to God. God is faithful to help Phil change his attitude and make peace with his teacher.

Evie's Miraculous Transformation -- Evie hogs the bathroom one too many times, angering her dad and getting her grounded for one whole month. Evie feels like she is in prison as her friends find other things to do -- without her. She wakes up and goes to God, who has just the right solution.

Where to Buy "Just Like Jonah Wail Tales"

Just Like Jonah Wail Tales is available as an ebook from, as well as Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and other e-retailers.

You find the book as HTML, JavaScript, Kindle, Epub, PDF, RTF, LRF, Palm Doc, and Plain Text.

Especially from Amazon

Fast Track to Victory, A Christian Guidebook
Fast Track to Victory, A Christian Guidebook

My Christian devotion book, Fast Track to Victory, A Christian Guidebook is available for your Kindle from This book will get you as you seek God, teaching you biblical principles that will set you free to truly love and forgive others, set aside pride, deal with tragedy and death, and lots lots more!


Lost in the Woods: A Bible Camp Mystery

Another of my ebooks for preteens and teens is the story of a 13-year-old, Zack, who disappears in the middle of the night during a back-to-nature styled retreat. Called Lost in the Woods: A Bible Camp Mystery this ebook shares the biblical path to salvation through the story of a relatively inexperience group of campers whose first outing turns into a nightmare.

As if Zack's disappearance weren't enough, more than half of the campers become ill. Zack's buddies set out to find him as a hurricane unexpectedly heads for the Gulf Coast.

This book shares the importance of prayer and obedience, as well as the principles of dominion over nature.

It is the first in the Bible Camp series about Chet Harrigan and a group of boys from The Boy's Den, a fictitious youth group from a Central Florida community church.

About the Author

I grew up going to church, but all that religion didn't help me know God. It took a devastating illness for God to get my attention. So I learned the hard way that it's important to seek God, spend time in his Word, and DO what it says.

It is the desire of my heart to help others sidestep the pain that comes from not knowing God, so I am reaching out in any way I can to share this message with others.

In addition to Just Like Jonah Wail Tales, I have written Just Like Jonah Wail Tales Workbook, the parent/teacher study guide, and The Lesson of Jonah: There's a Price to Pay When You Disobey, a single story lesson plan and sample wail tale.

I also have written Fast Track to Victory, A Christian Guidebook, a devotions book for new and young believers, and Making Choices: Like is Like Acorns, a children's Bible study aimed at children 5 to 10 years old that teaches things are not always what they appear to be. My ebook What You Should KNOW About Self Publishing shares money-saving tips for would-be authors. My ebook I Can See Christian Storybook Treasury is a unique book helping to dispel doubts about God as a child grows.

God is love Scripture poster
God is love Scripture poster

You can find my Scripture poster and other Christian art designs in my Zazzle store.

A Book for those who Question God's Existence

Finding God: Biblical Answers to Questions about Our Maker is a quick read I have written to provide answers to some very important questions: Who is God, who is Jesus, what God expects of us, how we can find God and how we can accept the gift of salvation.

I know what it feels like to go to church and find it boring. I didn't really know he was real until I surrendered my life to him.

The ebook targets those who go to church but find it meaningless, those who pray but are not sure their prayers are heard, those who don't attend church because they find it pointless, and those who don't believe in God or question if he is real.

Also for Preteens and Teens - A Christian Book by Stacy Padula

When Darkness Tries to Hide helps prepare preteens and teens for the harsh realities of high school: bullying, peer pressure, substance abuse and the challenges of discovering how you really are.


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