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Welcome to "Friendly Country": a Sarcasm

Updated on October 23, 2012

There is a place called "Friendly Country",

No it's not found in the global map;

But listen friend! You don't need a visa to visit there;

Everybody is free to visit for as long as you got a name, no a password, well, it's also a name; and not just visit, you can stay forever or for as long as you want.

You don't need an airplane, nor ship, nor train but you can surf and dig and float and...and...whatever!

Everything Real

The only requirement to visit the place is the word "REAL";

Your name should be "real",

If your legal name here is Apple Tree, in Friendly Country you can say

"My name is plb9845cgd21lll" and that is what is "real" in Friendly Country.

Everything is "real" in Friendly Country;

Everything is fantastic;

Everything is weird;

Everything is amusing; and

Everybody is a "friend forever" to everybody

For as long as they offer their soul to their gods;

Their "gods"?

Yes their "gods" of course are money, sex, and their whims and fantasies.

They do everything for "god money";

They write, they talk, they say "hi best friend", "hi sweetie, honey pie, baby, baby doll";

And the bottom line is "god money" and the rest of their gods;

Art is in its peak in Friendly Country;

Everybody would say to one another "Awesome! Wonderful! Interesting! Gorgeous" and so forth and so on...for "god money" and their gods;

Everybody and everything is beautiful, colorful, witty...

The Reality of Friendly Country

It’s a place of real delusion, of “true and intimate friendship” of such personalities, developed by prolonged "citizenship" in the internet culture.

Intimacy, “real pleasure and happiness and excitement”,

Sex, cyber marriages and dating, cheating spouses abound here, perfect curves, perfect beauty, perfect intellect, perfect philosophy, perfect psychology and socialization, perfect people and inhabitants;

Free “universal” education, fantastic poetry, arts;

Eloquence in literary, drama, instant millionaire business ventures, soulful music;

Friendly Country is the perfect place to be for perverts, criminal-oriented mentality;

Survival of the fittest, competitions, rivalry, secrecy, treachery;

Impossibly fantastic ideas, plans, goals and goal-settings,

And everybody is a winner in Friendly Country; nothing is lost but sanity;

You may be as ugly as the hyena and as old as Methuselah but in Friendly Country you are beautiful and youthful as Linda Carter and Elizabeth Taylor; You may be an outcast in the normal world but in Friendly Country you are a superstar;

In Friendly Country, a criminal can do all his crimes and celebrates for being so; no fear for the authority to arrest; he steals hacks and destroys identities, reputations, accounts and money too; yet he proclaims himself in the whole world that he is the “most” honest, principled, sincere person with integrity beyond anything possible and in fact hailed as genius for his ability and ease to cause others misery;

Any fantasy and secret dreams can come true in Friendly Country;

There is so much freedom; all the fools can express their deviance; what is unacceptable and even shameful, loose moral, promiscuous, and a disgrace in any decent society, is hailed as amazing and a genius act in Friendly Country.

Blame the Real Internet Genius?

The real internet genius are actually the ones who get wealth into their lives;

In the olden days, the tyrants and masters take advantage of the helplessness of the "fools" and peasants, and the helpless "bandwagon" cowards;

Just like Hitler, Idi Amin, Stalin, the Czars, and the likes;

The computer and internet geniuses, control and manipulate the "fools" and the demented;

Their genius make them wealthy in the expense of the "fools" who get crazier in their internet manipulation, crimes, and other "monkey" business;

Do these fools get as rich as the real genius?

Of course no, they are just foolish citizens in the Friendly Country;

None of them get as wealthy as the genius icons who created the "Friendly Country.

The citizens who worship their gods, their meager money or income comparatively, their whims, their fantasy...they are just foolish USERS, who inhabit the Friendly Country.


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    • Jynzly profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenny Pugh 

      6 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Michele Travis,

      Thank you Michele; I appreciate your comment and the visit to my hub. Thank for voting up too.

    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 

      6 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      Wow! This is an amazing hub, and so true! It boggles the mind. Voted up, fantastic, but very, very true.


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