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Children do say the funniest things!

Updated on November 9, 2015

Hide and Seek

Little Cutie
Little Cutie | Source

A Dead Mouse

Kids say the darndest things!

A dead mouse was recently found one morning on Grandma’s front steps. Being very much afraid of mice, she waited patiently for her young grandson to arrive home from school, before asking him. if he would kindly get the big shovel from the garage and go and pick up the mouse and then throw it over the fence, into the field next door. Looking up from his play station on which he was playing, he said, ‘you can do it Grandma, to which she replied saying ‘Yuck, no, I could never do that! I am afraid of them, please will you do it for me David? He peered up into her face and said, ‘you know Grandma, you really should face up to your fears!' Then, with a big sigh, he went off to find the big shovel so that he could deal with the problem. On his return, Grandma asked him whether he had managed it? Yes, Grandma, he said, there was lots of blood on it and it was all coming from its’ mouth! I just poked it for a bit he said and then I just chopped its head off and threw it away over the fence!

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My young daughter had just begun school that year! Her class teacher had been teaching all the children in her class to memorize their surnames, their home address and also their telephone number, just in case she said, they found themselves in an emergency situation where the information might be needed. My family was having some building work done on their house and only a few days earlier; the builders had deposited a huge pile of building sand onto the driveway. This sand had become a huge attraction for my children and one afternoon, quite oblivious of my standing nearby, my young daughter climbed up to the very top of the mountain of sand and began singing at top of her voice. One song after another she sang and suddenly she faltered, just for a few seconds, seemingly she appeared to have run out of songs to sing but suddenly she launched back into song, ‘I love you Jesus but I don’t know your surname’ she sang at the top of her voice!

Boy in Red Pajamas

One hot humid morning I dropped off my young three year old at his play school. It had been a bit of a rush to get him to school that day! When I arrived back at the school at midday to fetch him from school. I was met by his concerned teacher who told me that she was worried about him. It had been so hot that day she said, and I tried several times to get him to take off his jersey off but he was so adamant that he neither felt hot nor wanted to take off his jersey! I thanked her for concern and led my son out to the car. He climbed in the back seat of the car and immediately began tugging off his jersey. ‘Whew’! he exclaimed. I turned around to look at him and immediately the penny dropped!. In his rush to get to school that morning, he had forgotten to remove his pajama top before going to school. This explained his reluctance to take his jersey off on one of the hottest days that summer! He had been afraid his friends would tease him, as under his jersey, he was wearing a bright red Pajama top with a large yellow teddy bear emblazoned on the front and under his jersey!


A young family we know would go off to France each year for their annual holiday. Along with them went their three children. Each year they would return to the same camp site in Southern France where they would be met by the same French owners who always greeted them in the same way, with lots of kisses and lots of ‘Bonjours ‘all around!.

One year, the children were left behind in the UK with Grandma and Grandpa, just so the parents could take a well deserved break on their own! Upon their return the children were very excited to hear about how the holiday had gone and the one little lad said ‘how are the Bonjours’? He had all this time believed that ‘Bonjour’ was their surname.

Children sometimes have a delightful way of saying things; I hope this will remind you of some of them. I hope you will share some of your own stories with me.

© 2013 Sally Gulbrandsen


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