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Timothy Gold And His Songs - A Touching story like a melodious song

Updated on October 6, 2011

Timothy Gold And his Songs – A touching Short Story - Like a Melodious song

His parents went away

Once in a small island there lived a boy named Timothy.He was fair and had a glowing complexion so people called him Timothy Gold. He was friendly to all and very kind. He lives with his mother, father and his father’s elderly aunty who was not very fond of him. His parents were great farmers and they have a vast plot where all kinds of vegetables and fruits are cultivated and once in a while his mother and father pack all the vegetables and fruits and went to the distant town across the sea. They went by ship and comes after two days with lot of goods ,gifts ,toys for him and of course a lot of money. One month before Christmas his mother and father went away for another trip and he has waited for their come back and was very happy thinking about getting lot of gifts and new clothes and rare special eatables items from the town. How tasty the chocolates from there. But it was almost three days and his parents were not turned up still . He become sad and worried. ‘’ a lot of accidents do happens nowadays’ his great aunt kept telling him. He was afraid. After one week one of the merchants arrived from the town and said there was a storm and one of the ship sunk and everybody was believed to be dead. Surely that must be the ship his parents went. He cried a lot and kept praying but they never came back ,finally he understood they were dead and gone to heaven. His great aunt was at first very kind towards him and after some days she started to tell ‘‘hey boy wake up and go to the farm and do some works otherwise we cannot eat. ’’He just lie there and cried. She become impatient and said ‘actually this is my house and your father took it from me understand’ ‘ That is a lie!’ the boy somehow shouted and the elderly aunt gave him such a push he was thrown out of the bench where he was lying. ‘ ok boy go and do some work in the farm otherwise no food for u today’ saying this she march past him like a lightning . The boy just lie there and cried.

The Swan

Several days have passed the boy now goes regularly to the farm and do some plough work and water the plants and he became so tired day by day and he always afraid he would faint. Suddenly he remembered some thing which made his mind very happy, a ray of hope came in to his mind , he just gone inside the house and opened a box where his gifts were kept . Among them was a littile guitar, which was gifted by his father on his previous visit. He went to the farm ,where nobody was there to watch him and he played his guitar and started tohum a song It was a great relief to him.When he stopped singing he was surprised that there is tears in his eyes. But his mind was very free ,yes free of all pain. It has become a daily routine he went with his guitar and sings. it was a great feeling and relief. His voice has such a divine quality and hearing that sad melodious songs sometimes people will be moved to tears and there was a touch of sadness in his songs . All his songs were composed by him may be his sorrows turns in to poems. His songs would even make a stone move some people say . people who were walking or crossing his farm were usually stops there and rooted for minutes and hours for listening his songs it was such a great thing. Among them there was a special person who always stop near a rock and listens to Timothys mind blowing sad songs . it was a beautiful swan. It always reach the farm and there was a big rocknear the farm and the swan stood on that and listens to Timothys songs . Every day it leaves the place with tears. One day Timothy noticed it, and hesitantly goes near the swan . The swan did not make any move to fly away so Timothy sat on the rock near the swan and he closed his eyes and suddenly opened it thinking the swan surely must flew away. But to his surprise it just kept looking at him. Then the Swan gave him a very big surprise for which he almost fainted she asked ‘ please sing one more song’. He cant believe the Swan talked to him it was actually talking. Then again, the swan talked ‘ sorry to shock you I know the human language and also talk like you people,may be it isa gift from the God.'', The boy sung one more song. The swan said’ how beautiful’ but why the sadness ‘ on hearing that Timothy’s face became so sad that, the swan repented asking him that question. The swan soon flew away. After some days while Timothy was at the farm he started to draw some pictures along them he drawn the pictures of his parents and he stood there and watched it and cried and said’ please come back mother and father I am alone here’. ‘No I am with u ‘somebody said from his behind he jumped up and saw the swan was sitting behind him he felt very happy to see the swan. He laughed a littile when he laughed he looks so bright and cheerful. The swan asked him who are they in the picture Timothy cried and whispered ‘they were my parents’The swan came very near to the picture and watched it for a few minutes and said’ I have seen them somewhere ‘ hearing that Timothy said ‘ no you must be wrong they were dead’ and kept crying. The swan felt so sorry for the poor boy it kept saying to him’ no boy no don’t cry ‘and added ‘I think u are mistaken I have seen them very recently somewhere.’On hearing that Timothy was in doubt and a ray of hope came in to his heart. ‘Tell me where ‘ he asked the swan . ‘I cant tell now I cant remember ‘ the swan said this and left him . Timothy stood there and prayed to god oh god let it be my parents please god.

Timothy meets his parents and sings a song

After some days of waiting one evening, the Timothy saw the swan. It came and stood on the rock besides Timothy and said’ yes it is them ‘ how’ Timothy asked tremblingly. The swan started to tell ‘There is a big farm across the sea the owner of the farm is a rich man who lives with his wife . He has no son no daughter no parents . He often saves people who drowns in the sea.He is a great swimmer . At first he asks the people to stay with him and helps him in the farm and after some time he wont allow them to go out and keep them in his quarters and make them work for him freely. And he has good number of servants who will not allow anybody to escape from the quarters and he keep telling the workers It is me who has saved your life so you must be grateful to me till you die. He is a cruel man. I saw your mother and father working in that farm along with other people who also escape from previous similar ship accidents. ‘’ on hearing all this timothy was shivering and he also cried and wept with joy they were alive thank god ‘I want to see themand I want to save them I am coming with you please take me with u . the swan replied very sadly 'I cant carry you both of us will fall on the sea.' That made timothy laugh he said' no my friend I will go and seek my papas friend Marco he will board me in a ship and you also come secretly in the ship’. Thus with the help of his fathers friend he went away to the town along with the swan. He was afraid of travelling in the ship but since he was going to see his parents he doesn’t mind the fear and also the sick sensations kept going on his stomach and two times he vomited. But his mind was kept on seeing his parents and he sadly imagine the sufferings facing by them. When he reached the town the swan asked him to follow inside a remote area where lot of farms were seen. The Swan stopped in a very vast land where full of paddy fields and other crops were grown together. And there is number of people working in the farm. Timothy’s heart beat quickened and kept searching for his father and mother but he couldn’t see them . He just sat on a heap of hays and sings a song it was the most saddest and yet divine song . it was about his own story how he lost his mother and father how they were trapped and become prisoner in the farmers land. Hearing his divine voice everybody at the farm stopped working and looked up in his direction and listens to his magic voice and each people who were separated from the family is thinking this is our story indeed. How they lost their sons and daughters and their parents, tears were rolling down from their eyes. Some fainted with sadness some wept thinking about their lost family. His parents were numbed with shock they slowly came out, came near him, and looked at him disbelievingly .They some how thought this may be a dream. But the most affected person among them is a man yes a man who has a strong stone like heart , a tall big fellow who looks very cruel but surprisingly now he looks so shattered that people will not recognize him to be the same man they have seen earlier. He is the same farmer who had saved them earlier and kept them as prisoners. After hearing the enchanted sad song in the divine voice of timothy he was thrown away to his own past where he lost his parents in a mishap in the sea and latter also lost his son in another accident in the sea. How he cried that in those days how he wept. How his heart burn with the so much pain of loosing his dear and near ones. How can I be ruthless to make all those people my prisoners and kept them awayfrom their family . Oh god how much pain I caused all those people and also this boy how much pain he might have gone through when his parents does not come back. How can I. the more he thinks about it , it is more painful for him. And he wept loudly to everybody’s surprise and he some how managed to stop it and came near the boy and embraces him and said sorry my dear boy for keeping your parents away from you . You with your one song make me realised my all sins and with folding hands he turned to everybody and said ‘please do forgive please’ Everybody was very happy and also shocked to realise they were free . The Farmer and his wife gave each of the people handsome rewards and new clothes and sent to them to their families. When the turn of Timothy’s parentscame, they came near the farmer and said’ brother thanks for saving our lives and for everything and please be happy because all the tears of yours had washed away your sins. God has forgiven you ! we are certain'’. And they return to their home. The Timothy’s parents said special thanks to the swan and Timothy hugged the swan and said ‘You must come and visit me often ‘‘of course’ said the swan 'one condition you must sing a happy song for me ‘ sure’ promised Timothy. When they reached home Timothy knocked the door his aunt opens the door with a scream ‘you! where did u gone I thought u too died like your parents ‘ and suddenly she saw his parents and fainted saying ‘ ghost ‘!. When she regained her senses she has been told what been happened she said’ hmm I am happy ‘ and she restlessly looks out the door which made Timothy asked her whom she was looking for '.she said ’ I just wanted see your swan!’ ‘oh She will come soon to see me you can see her if u come with me at farm’ Timothy replied. She just shouted‘that is a lie’. Timothy just laughed very loudly for the first time in his life!

Kishore kumar.S


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    • Leenachandha profile image


      8 years ago

      hmm very touching and very good fantasy. I lkie the character Timothy! what an imagination

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      fantasy writer specilist

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Miracles can happen if you believe strong enough.


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