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la about the paranormal poltergeists part 2

Updated on June 30, 2013
Sydney Silver
Sydney Silver | Source

Poltergeists Part 2

Poltergeists PART 2

As you recall, my brother and I were now sitting on the steps of the house we had been cleaning, in which we were frightened and things like the dishwasher had been turning on, or NOT turning on for us.

We sat there feeling nice and safe, with the front door locked. But then, something glittered far above me in the tree branches which reached over the house. I froze for half a second, then looked up slowly to see what was floating up there.It was one of our plastic cups!

As soon as I looked at it, it was falling right toward us. It banged and clanged on our metal vacuum tubing and down the steps. We jumped up in fright, and ran partially down the path.

Of course, I blamed my brother again. I got angry and accused him of having thrown the cup into the air. But even as I yelled at him, and he yelled back that he hadn’t done it, I truly didn’t think he had. Firstly, the cup was WAY up in the tree- very high. I would have noticed if his hand and arm had launched a cup straight over us that far up. Worse yet, I knew I had seen it float up there for a second before I saw it come crashing down.We sat back on the steps to wait again for our mother.

I heard a knocking on the wall to our left, coming from inside the sitting room, as if someone was standing in there. We looked at each other.“Maybe its just the pipes,” I told my brother. He agreed. Then, we heard this knocking again. It was several knocks, in a pattern. “Is it knocking in a pattern?” I whispered. He didn’t know. We heard it again. And to test this out, I reached behind me, knocked in the same pattern we had just heard, on the front door. There was a pause, and the knocking resumed, in a new pattern.

Again I copied it.By the third time, my brother and I were entirely scared. “I heard if you don’t believe in these things, they don’t exist! Ignore it, it will go away!” I whispered to my brother, and he frantically agreed. We sat there a few seconds while the knocking pattern persisted a few times, seeming heavier, angrier and more frantic that I was ignoring it.

Then, it suddenly stopped. It was an ominous silence, an angry silence that stretched way too long for my comfort. My brother and I were frozen stiff sitting on the steps. Suddenly, as if ENORMOUS ARMS were stretched between the sitting room to our left and the living room to our right, (the entrance hall in between) the thing started knocking once in the sitting room and once in the living room at us, over and over in a VERY LOUD, VERY ANGRY fast fashion! We both screamed and bolted off the stairs, and ran down the path.

Once we were farther from the house and had calmed down, we decided not to sit back on the steps. Instead, we chose to walk around the house and peer into the windows to see what was in there.

Everything seemed normal in there, but at the back of the house, I stiffened up. “Look,” I demanded. I pointed into the back bedroom where you could see the door of the first bathroom I had cleaned and had gotten scared in. I had not only shut the door tight because of fear; my mother had taught us to close all doors after cleaning a room. Yet - the door stood half open.I looked at my brother in fear, because here was proof - whatever had been in that bathroom with me, had opened that dang door up and come out into the house with us. “You didn’t open that door, did you?” I whispered, already knowing he hadn’t, and with no accusation in my voice this time. He shook his head no, and we turned and sprinted off, scared as hell.

Just as we rounded the corner, we almost banged into the real estate agent, who was just at that moment walking around the house to the back. We both screamed and fell at her feet, terrified, and even dug little trenches in the muddy grass with our feet, we skidded to a stop so hard. She looked at us on the grass in suspicion, and we looked at her in suspicion too. I couldn’t help but think she looked guilty. What the heck was the real estate agent doing prowling around the house? She demanded to know the same, and we told her we were just checking to make sure we had done everything.

When my mother arrived, she was royally pissed. She was embarrassed, and took a scolding from the real estate agent. They demanded we re-enter the house, which we did not want to do. We gingerly entered and also took a scolding, and had no real excuses or reasons as to why the house was not clean. My mother was angry for loosing her good name with the agent and demanded to know why we hadn’t cleaned in there. My brother and I did not think anyone would believe us, so we were at a loss for words. All I could think or say was “please, I don’t want to be in this house.”

It was a year later when I told my mom the whole story. “OH HONEY!” she exclaimed. “I would have believed you! I wondered if something like that had happened because you and your brother were acting so weird. Next time just tell me! Things like that happen to me all the time in these old houses. I’m used to it by now.”

I was rather surprised. :-)

Sydney Silver is a radio show co-hostess on Her photos are done by Will Thompson (714) 351-7637. She is recounting her real life memories. Please listen to her archived radio shows on and tell a friend!________________________



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