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Poem to Hecate, the Lady of Darkness

Updated on December 2, 2016
Midnight Muse profile image

The Midnight Muse enjoys writing about a variety of subjects including satirical comedy, dark fantasy, folklore, history, and religion.

A Doorway in Ancient Ruins
A Doorway in Ancient Ruins | Source

Lady of Darkness

Passing through the Western gate,
unfolds the world of Hecate.
Darkest moon in deepest shadow,
masks the face of hidden sorrow.

Three-faced goddess who stands as one,
to whom the midnight hymns are sung.
Queen of magic and witchcraft true,
punisher when justice is due.

Black hounds baying in the moonlight,
announcing the Lady who comes at night.
Bearing a torch to light the way,
she drives away the forces of day.

Her womb contains the world undone,
a place where the two worlds meet as one.
So at the crossroads we will gather,
to pay homage to her infernal power.

Born from the land where darkness reigns,
comes forth the harvest through labor's pains.
The Nameless One who roams the earth,
is the mother who gave us birth.

© 2015 Midnight Muse


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  • Jodah profile image

    John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

    Interesting and well written poem. Nice rhyme.