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Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere - Book Review

Updated on November 20, 2015
Glenda Motsavage profile image

As a licensed minister and motivational speaker, Glenda travels stateside and abroad with one goal: To be a deliverer of hope!

Lioness Arising! Wake Up and Change Your World

Have you ever heard of Lisa Bevere? She's an incredible Christian woman in ministry who inspires and challenges me every time I hear her. Lisa is an international motivational speaker, bestselling author of numerous publications, and co-host of her own television program. Her voice has been heard in more than 200 countries. Imagine my surprise then to hear that Lisa would be the key-note speaker at our Ladies Annual Fall Breakaway in Orlando last October. Her topic?… Lioness Arising, from her recent book of the same name. Wow, what a conference!

Fast forward to March. I was invited to go to the Cayman Islands and speak at a Women's Conference. Although the invitation came with very little notice, I didn't have to pray long and hard for an answer. Yes… yes, of course I would go! When do we leave, and what is my topic for the Conference Workshop, I asked? "We leave in two weeks, and your teaching assignment is 'Lioness Arising' from Lisa Bevere's book!"

Lioness Arising Cayman Island Women's Conference - Photos

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These are the Lioness Arising props that we could fit in our suitcase!Our Ministry Team (I'm on the far left!)Our Host Church for the Lioness Arising Conference was First Assembly of God, Grand Cayman.I spent the time on the plane studying my notes for the Lioness Arising Women's Conference!
These are the Lioness Arising props that we could fit in our suitcase!
These are the Lioness Arising props that we could fit in our suitcase!
Our Ministry Team (I'm on the far left!)
Our Ministry Team (I'm on the far left!)
Our Host Church for the Lioness Arising Conference was First Assembly of God, Grand Cayman.
Our Host Church for the Lioness Arising Conference was First Assembly of God, Grand Cayman.
I spent the time on the plane studying my notes for the Lioness Arising Women's Conference!
I spent the time on the plane studying my notes for the Lioness Arising Women's Conference!
Our Lioness Arising Conference - Grand Cayman Island
Our Lioness Arising Conference - Grand Cayman Island

Awaken - Arise - And dare to be all you were created to be!

My assignment was not a difficult one, as I really liked this book, and the topic is extremely empowering for women. In fact, it contains such a wealth of information, that the hardest part was choosing which sections to extract for the teaching. After all, I had only been given an hour or so to teach and impart all that revelation that Lisa received through her many years of research.

Lioness Arising was 'born' from a dream that God gave Lisa years ago. Throughout the book she parallels the similarities between a real lioness and God's intentions for the female race. Lisa actually went to Africa in order to study the life of the lioness, up close and personal. The comparisons that she uses to illustrate women's potential are incredible. True to the title, the book is not for the faint of heart. It's a reminder that our destiny doesn't just 'happen,' but oftentimes we must battle for it.

To me, the underlying theme throughout the book is this:

You are not an accident! You are stunning! You were born for this moment in time! Awaken - Arise - And dare to be all you were created to be!

Lioness Arising is available in multiple formats… and languages! - Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover, DVD, CD, or Audiobook!

Lioness Arising Curriculum (BOOK+WORKBOOK+DVD+CD)
Lioness Arising Curriculum (BOOK+WORKBOOK+DVD+CD)
Searching for a topic for your next Women's Meeting? Lioness Arising is perfect. Lisa Bevere went on-location to Africa to study the similarities between a lioness and the female race. Her findings were life-changing for me! This all-inclusive package is great for individual or group study. An 8-week course includes DVD's, CD's, Hardcover Book, Safari Guide, and Promotional Materials.

"There is nothing more dangerous than being in the presence of lions when they are fully awake."

by Lisa Bevere

African Lioness
African Lioness

Feminine AND Fierce!

I love the personal stories that Lisa tells of her time in the African Wild, observing the lioness. One thing she discovered is that the lioness has characteristics that are both feminine and fierce.

I couldn't wait to share this truth with the ladies at my Women's Conference. During my teaching, I used the following illustration straight from Lisa's book:

Take the paw, for example. While hunting at night, (yes, she is the provider of the Pride), the lioness can release her deadly claws in order to catch her prey. Dinner is then taken back to the Pride for the whole family to enjoy. After watching them devour their meal, Lisa witnessed the lioness playing with her cubs. Only now, those same paws had retracted their murderous claws, and ever so gently were fondling her offspring. Same paw - both feminine and fierce!

Lisa also noticed the razor sharp teeth of the lioness. At one point the teeth were used to kill and eat its prey, but sometime later, those same teeth were used to carry her young cubs from place to place… without ever harming them! Feminine and fierce indeed.

Lisa used this brilliant word picture and analogy to draw similarities to us women. We are both feminine and fierce! We have been created by God to be the loving, gentle, tender, nurturing component within a relationship, however, that role was never intended for us to be weak and passive. When we see injustice all around us, our silence is not golden.

Worldwide, women have become the targets of prejudice, sex trafficking, abuse, and even (in some countries) gendercide. Lisa has become an advocate for women everywhere who are suffering these atrocities - a voice for women who have no voice. Her courageous travels (to some very nasty places) are shared and woven throughout the storyline of Lioness Arising. I encouraged the ladies in my group to follow in Lisa's footsteps. She's a great role model and spiritual mentor!

Show and Tell - An Illustrated Sermon

Papo Wild Animal Kingdom Figure, Lioness with Cub, Multicolor (50043) , 6.5cm
Papo Wild Animal Kingdom Figure, Lioness with Cub, Multicolor (50043) , 6.5cm
This small figurine perfectly illustrates one of the points Lisa made regarding the fact that the lioness is BOTH feminine and fierce! ('At one point the teeth were used to kill and eat its prey, but sometime later, those same teeth were used to carry her young cubs from place to place… without ever harming them!' - Quote from Lioness Arising.) I loved this analogy so much that it has prompted me to create an entire illustrated sermon on this topic. This inexpensive little figurine serves as my 'show and tell.'

"God didn't save us… to tame us!"

by Lisa Bevere

Lioness Arising Promo Video by Lisa Bevere

This one-and-a-half-minute video is a great synopsis of what to expect from The Lioness Arising Curriculum which includes 3 DVDs, 3 CDs, the Hardcover Book, Safari Guide Workbook, and Promotional Materials. It's an 8-week study perfect for individuals or groups.

The Lion and the Lioness...

ultimate teamwork!

Another thing I really like about Lisa is her courage and boldness to challenge the status quo. One common thread I noticed within most of her writings is a challenge of centuries-old beliefs regarding the role of women in the church. Her conviction is one of gender equality - yes, even in the church! I can only imagine more than a few religious feathers are being ruffled right now. Theologically speaking, she has become a passionate pioneer, who I sense is plowing some rocky ground for generations of women to come.

I must stress, I did not get the impression that Lisa is a feminist. Being the only female in a household of 5 males (her husband and 4 sons), she is understanding and submissive to her husband's role of spiritual head of their home. In Lioness Arising, through a rich depth of biblical references, she concludes that God calls both men and women to advance His Kingdom on this earth. I agree with her revelation that we are co-laborers together with our male counterparts. We are both under the same mission and assignment!

Once again, we would do well to learn from the lion and lioness. In the lion world there is no gender confusion or arguments. They are a team! The lion protects - the lioness provides.

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What Was the Best Part of the Conference for Me?

So glad you asked...

As with anything in life that we participate in, we always come away with our favorite parts. Without question, mine would be having the opportunity to personally pray for the individual needs of the women as they came to the altar. Many of them suffered from low self esteem, being the victim of verbal, sexual or physical abuse. They were in no hurry to leave, and neither was I. In fact, I was so engrossed in the events of the day that I never even felt the pain or noticed the huge blisters on my feet from the brand new shoes I wore - until I was leaving the building. The Host Church treated us to lunch at a local, family-owned restaurant that served authentic Caribbean cuisine... and, yes, I took my shoes off and walked bare-footed to the buffet! (No one seemed to mind, and they didn't have a 'no shoes, no service' sign hanging on the door.)

My second favorite thing was the awesome personal connections I made while there. As a result of the Saturday Women's Conference, I was asked to preach at their Sunday evening service. Having the freedom to choose my own topic, I shared my personal testimony of healing with the congregation that night. As always, I gave an altar call for those suffering from physical infirmities that wanted to be healed, and 90% of the attendees came forth; I never left the building until 11:00pm. Yes, another long day for my fatigued footsies, but so worth it!

You've heard the phrase, 'being in the right place at the right time,' well, I must tell you as a result of that trip, I was invited to speak at several other venues back in the United States. I tell people all the time that 'our decisions determine our destiny.' Had I left my fear of flying keep me from accepting the Cayman Island invitation, I would not have experienced the incredible ministry opportunities that continue even to this day. It was truly a divine appointment for me.

In Conclusion...

Would I recommend this book?

Although written primarily toward the Christian woman, in my opinion it can help every woman realize her God-given value, purpose and destiny. It's a womanly word in due season. It's a wake-up call to women everywhere to pursue her gifts and talents in order to change the world around us. Whether you are young or a 'seasoned citizen,' as long as you have breath, God isn't finished with you yet!

Remember that 'seed' of greatness that use to stir within your spirit? That dream of doing great exploits that now just sits and simmers on the back burner of life? How angry must we become in order to affect change? Evil prevails when good men (and women) do nothing! Allow this book to stir you into action. Lisa's prophetic voice will reinforce and confirm what you already know you have been called to do.

Yes, that African lioness has been given a sleek and slender, fabulously feminine form - but she is also a symbol of strength and a fierce force to be reckoned with. You, too, are both beautiful and bold… may the world begin to hear you roar!

I highly recommend Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere.

Lioness Arising is Available in Many Different Formats

Lioness Arising: Wake Up and Change Your World
Lioness Arising: Wake Up and Change Your World
Empower yourself to fulfill your dreams and reach your goals. Or, use as a teaching aid as I did! Don't have time to read? Not a problem, it's also available in an Audiobook that is read by the Author, Lisa Bevere. Simply play the CD while you're cooking, cleaning, stuck in traffic, or exercising! Additionally, the book is available in Spanish (Se despierta la leona: Levantese y transforme su munro). I live in a muti-cultural community, and many of my Spanish speaking friends have read Lioness Arising in their native language!

Image Credit:

All photos in this article taken myself with the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX150.

© 2013 Glenda Motsavage

© 2013 Glenda Motsavage


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