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live life

Updated on January 21, 2011

Live life

Llve life and love,

Like today is your last,

And like the time,

so must we pass,

Sing joys and praise,

For one day,

We will all come of age,

Dance,laugh and cry,

Becauce one-by-one,

We must all die. (C)


The soul of a rose,

That shed tears blood red,

Like the blood of those who,

Fought for the right to be free

The soul of a rose, that fought so hard for me

Only now to see, that it is you

Who looks like me, killing me (C)


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    • Joy56 profile image

      Joy56 6 years ago

      so where are you now......

    • deepthought profile image

      Deep 7 years ago from In the middle of nowhere and worldwide but still that T.O.kid from da north of America

      well hello again friend

    • Joy56 profile image

      Joy56 7 years ago

      and here i am again...... i enjoyed that.

    • profile image

      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      your poems are petitions, almost prayers, do you see that yourself....... like reading Psalms in the bible, so much inside the man so much