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Lucky Luke

Updated on August 12, 2012

Lucky Luke - Faster than his own shadow

Lucky Luke is one of my favourite comic book heroes. He was created by the artist Maurice De Bevere and the writer René Goscinny. Lucky Luke is the hero of 76 comic books so far each of them detailing his fight against bad guys in one form or another.

This article will take a look at Lucky Luke the super hero of the Wild West. You can also find more information on the Lucky Luke comics themselves here

Photo Courtesy of Ferran Cornellà

Wikimedia Commmons

The One-Armed Bandit: Lucky Luke Vol. 33 - The newest Lucky Luke comic

The One-Armed Bandit (Lucky Luke)
The One-Armed Bandit (Lucky Luke)

Lucky Luke helps 2 brothers launch the infamous one armed bandit and of course that is not a quiet adventure.

There is a particularly hilarious scene in casino town, where Lucky look eats dinner at the gambling mad mayor. Don't miss it.


Lucky Luke - the Hero of the Comics

Plastoy - Lucky Luke Figure 3" Doll Toy
Plastoy - Lucky Luke Figure 3" Doll Toy

Lucky Luke is the traditional hero, he fights the evil bandits and saves the poor, the weak and the woman. (although in many of the comic books the women are actually portrayed as the stronger sex).

He is well known in all the prisons across the Wild West as he is usually the one that brings back the prisoners after they escape. (yet again).


Facts about Lucky Luke

  • He is said to be faster than his own shadow (The back of many of the comics has him standing with a smoking gun aimed at his shadow. His shadow still has the hands down by his side.)
  • His best friend is his horse; Jolly Jumper. Jolly Jumper is supposedly the fastest horse in the Wild West. (this might however not be the case as Jolly Jumper is outrun in a couple of the comics)
  • He is often followed by a prison dog by the name of Rantanplan. The dog is extremely friendly and good natured, but also incredibly dum. Lucky Luke often ends up having to save Rantanplan from one thing or another.
  • Lucky Luke is a smoker, or at least, he was a smoker in the beginning. In the later comics he started chewing a straw of hay instead of having his signature cigaret dangling from his lips. As the world became more aware of the dangers of smoking, it was no longer politically correct to have the hero smoke in almost every frame.
  • He also stopped drinking Whiskey for the same reasons and in the later comics he is only seen ordering cola when visiting the Saloons.
  • The arch enemy of Lucky Luke is the Dalton Brothers. Just as soon as he has captured them, the oldest brother; Joe Dalton, starts planning for an escape.
  • Lucky Luke has also been up against a bunch of other famous Wild West personalities including (but not limited to): Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Belle Starr and Joshua A. Norton(Emperor Smith in the comic).
  • Our hero also participates in several events specific to this historical period. Amongst other he helps lay rail road tracks, assists in building the telegraph and he is the protector of the creator of the one-armed bandit.

The Dalton Brothers

Plastoy - Joe Dalton As Prisoner From Lucky Luke Figure Doll Toy 2"
Plastoy - Joe Dalton As Prisoner From Lucky Luke Figure Doll Toy 2"

Joe Dalton here portrayed in a position you often see him in at the end of a Lucky Luke comic book. He has a very bad temper and reacts almost solely on emotions. The exaggeration of his outburst is often part of the comical point of a joke in the stories.


Facts about the Dalton Brothers

The Daltons brothers are the center of many of the Lucky Luke comics, they also appear as side characters once in while and even when they don't make an appearance themselves, they sometimes get a mention.

Here are some facts about Lucky Lukes archnemeses.

  • The Dalton brothers are the cousins of the "real" Daltons Bob, Grat, Bill and Emmett who were killed off in one of the earlier comic books.
  • There are 4 Dalton Brothers in the stories. Joe is the oldest, then Jack, William next and the Youngest is Averall
  • Joe Dalton is the leader of the gang and he blames Lucky Luke for everything that goes wrong in is life.
  • Averell Dalton is not very smart and his stupidity often results in a beating from Joe. He loves food and will eat almost anything put in front of him.
  • The Dalton brothers first appeared in the comic Lucky Luke vs Joss Jamon, where they were secondary characters. When Joss opened the city up to all the criminals of the West, the Dalton brothers were one of the groups that appeared and took advantage of the "liberal" view on laws that Joss enforced.
  • The Dalton brothers mother is Ma Dalton and she and an entire comic book is dedicated to her story.

Jolly Jumper

Plastoy - Jolly Jumper From Lucky Luke Figure 2" Doll Toy
Plastoy - Jolly Jumper From Lucky Luke Figure 2" Doll Toy

Jolly Jumper is Lucky Lukes horse. He is extremely clever and also said to be the fastest horses in the Wild West.


Facts about Jolly Jumper

  • Jolly Jumper is Lucky Lukes best friend (and maybe only true friend)
  • Lucky Luke has a tendency to escape bad situations by jumping out the window and riding off on Jolly Jumper. Jolly Jumper almost always picks the right window. (although he has been wrong once and in one of the comics he has placed a horse under each window as he couldn't predict the right one) The first time Jolly Jumper gets Lucky Luke out of trouble this way is in Arizona, the very first comic.
  • Jolly Jumper beats Lucky Luke in chess
  • Jolly Jumper hates Rantanplan.. Maybe because he is a little jealous of the attention Lucky Luke grants him or maybe because he always ends up carrying the dog.


Plastoy - Rantanplan From Lucky Luke 2" Figure Doll Toy
Plastoy - Rantanplan From Lucky Luke 2" Figure Doll Toy

Rantanplan is the stupid, yet very lovable dog that follows Lucky Luke around. He is always convinced that he is the one looking out for Lucky Luke and Jolly Jumper, yet he is the one to continously get in trouble.


Facts about Rantanplan

Rantanplan is the most stupid dog in the west. He deems himself the best tracking dog out there, however in reality he is absolutely useless. He is very loyal to anyone that gives him food. Lucky Luke always has to save him from the trouble he gets himself in, however Rantanplan fully believes that it is Lucky Luke who needs him.

  • Lucky Luke once used Rantanplan to track the Daltons. The dog was pointing towards the exact opposite direction so Lucky Luke just rode in the direction of Rantanplans tail.
  • Rantanplan is a prison dog, however he usually sleeps through it all when prisoners escape.
  • Rantanplan is often chained to Joe Dalton for extra security. He loves Joe, but this is not a mutual feeling.
  • The stupid prison dog is so popular that he had his own spin off series with 20 comic books released to date. None of them are translated to english, but a couple has been translated to danish.
  • Rantanplan first appearance was in the 1962 comic On the Daltons' Trail

More figurines of the characters from Lucky Luke

A Lucky Luke themed chess board is a cool collectible item to give a Lucky Luke fan. The chess pieces all resemble classic characters from the Lucky Luke stories.

Both the Gravedigger, the Saloon singer and Ma Dalton has made it in. Of couse all the main characters are also included.

Click the Image to the right for more information and for a bigger picture.

After putting this lens together I have an incredible urge to reread all of the comics(for probably the 10th time). When I get around to doing that I might have more facts to add. In the meantime feel free to add anything I have forgotten.

I will also see if I can not get some better pictures for the lens intro, for now though the name written in Lucky Lukes well-known colours will do.

Any facts I have forgotten? - Leave a comment. :)

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      6 years ago

      I believe I would love Lucky Luke. What fun! :)


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