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Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive And Others Die

Updated on August 29, 2012

Made to Stick Review

In keeping with the ideas they present, the Heath brothers load their book with relevant stories highlighting their ideas at work. If I say, "Jared", what springs to mind? Is it the Subway campaign featuring Jared Fogle, who lost hundreds of pounds on his own Subway diet? This is one of the stickiest advertising campaigns of all time. This books helps decipher why it was successful. [Teaser: Subway national initially turned down the story]

The framework to create sticky ideas follows. Ideas should be:

  • Simple
  • Unexpected
  • Concrete
  • Credible
  • Emotional
  • Stories

All together, they spell SUCCESs!

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Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive And Others Die

What good is a great idea unless you can change others people's minds? This book helps you do that.

In the Spotlight: Made to Stick


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The best line ever:

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Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard
Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard

Why is it so hard to make lasting changes in our companies, in our communities, and in our own lives?The primary obstacle is a conflict thatâs built into our brains, say Chip and Dan Heath, authors of the critically acclaimed bestseller Made to Stick. Psychologists have discovered that our minds are ruled by two different systemsâthe rational mind and the emotional mindâthat compete for control. The rational mind wants a great beach body; the emotional mind wants that Oreo cookie. The rational mind wants to change something at work; the emotional mind loves the comfort of the existing routine. This tension can doom a change effortâbut if it is overcome, change can come quickly.In Switch, the Heaths show how everyday peopleâemployees and managers, parents and nursesâhave united both minds and, as a result, achieved dramatic results:  â      The lowly medical interns who managed to defeat an entrenched, decades-old medical practice that was endangering patients.â      The home-organizing guru who developed a simple technique for overcoming the dread of housekeeping.â     The manager who transformed a lackadaisical customer-support team into service zealots by removing a standard tool of customer service            In a compelling, story-driven narrative, the Heaths bring together decades of counterintuitive research in psychology, sociology, and other fields to shed new light on how we can effect transformative change. Switch shows that successful changes follow a pattern, a pattern you can use to make the changes that matter to you, whether your interest is in changing the world or changing your waistline.

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die
Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

Mark Twain once observed, âA lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can even get its boots on.â His observation rings true: Urban legends, conspiracy theories, and bogus public-health scares circulate effortlessly. Meanwhile, people with important ideasâbusiness people, teachers, politicians, journalists, and othersâstruggle to make their ideas âstick.â Why do some ideas thrive while others die? And how do we improve the chances of worthy ideas? In Made to Stick, accomplished educators and idea collectors Chip and Dan Heath tackle head-on these vexing questions. Inside, the brothers Heath reveal the anatomy of ideas that stick and explain ways to make ideas stickier, such as applying the âhuman scale principle,â using the âVelcro Theory of Memory,â and creating âcuriosity gaps.âIn this indispensable guide, we discover that sticky messages of all kindsâfrom the infamous âkidney theft ringâ hoax to a coachâs lessons on sportsmanship to a vision for a new product at Sonyâdraw their power from the same six traits.Made to Stick is a book that will transform the way you communicate ideas. Itâs a fast-paced tour of success stories (and failures)âthe Nobel Prize-winning scientist who drank a glass of bacteria to prove a point about stomach ulcers; the charities who make use of âthe Mother Teresa Effectâ; the elementary-school teacher whose simulation actually prevented racial prejudice. Provocative, eye-opening, and often surprisingly funny, Made to Stick shows us the vital principles of winning ideasâand tells us how we can apply these rules to making our own messages stick.

Switch: Cómo cambiar las cosas cuando cambiar es difícil (Spanish Edition)
Switch: Cómo cambiar las cosas cuando cambiar es difícil (Spanish Edition)

¿Por qué es tan difícil lograr cambios duraderos en nuestros trabajos, nuestras comunidades y nuestras propias vidas?El obstáculo principal es un conflicto intrínsico en el cerebro, nos dicen Chip y Dan Heath, dos reconocidos especialistas en comportamiento organizacional. Los psicólogos han descubierto que la mente está gobernada por dos sistemas diferentes âla mente racional y la mente emocionalâ que compiten por el control. La mente racional quiere un cuerpo perfecto; la mente emocional quiere comerse esa galleta. La mente racional quiere cambiar el trabajo; la mente emocional ama la comodidad y la rutina. Esta tensión puede causar que muchos esfuerzos por cambiar fracasen, pero si se superan, el cambio puede llegar rápidamente.En Switch, los hermanos Heath muestran cómo personas normales y corrientes han unido estas dos mentes, logrando espectaculares resultados: ·        La directora quien ayudó a Target, a pesar de ser una compañía minorista regional que facturaba tres billones de dólares, a convertirise en un gigante de más de 63 billones dólares. ·  Â     La directora de servicios clínicos que, junto con su equipo de enfermeras, logró reducir drásticamente los errores en la administración de medicamentos en su hospital. ·    Â Â Â Â El director de atención al cliente que transformó a su compañía de una que ignoraba totalmente el servicio al cliente a ser una compañía definida por él. En este convincente relato, los Heath reúnen décadas de investigación en los campos de psicología, sociología y negocios entre muchos otros, para explicar por qué cambiar es tan difícil y dar a conocer nuevas maneras de lograr cambios duraderos. Switch muestra que los cambios exitosos siguen un modelo, un modelo que puedes utilizar para lograr los cambios que tú quieras, tanto si tu interés se centra en cambiar el mundo como en cambiar tu cintura.

The Dragonfly Effect: Quick, Effective, and Powerful Ways To Use Social Media to Drive Social Change
The Dragonfly Effect: Quick, Effective, and Powerful Ways To Use Social Media to Drive Social Change

Proven strategies for harnessing the power of social media to drive social changeMany books teach the mechanics of using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to compete in business. But no book addresses how to harness the incredible power of social media to make a difference. The Dragonfly Effect shows you how to tap social media and consumer psychological insights to achieve a single, concrete goal. Named for the only insect that is able to move in any direction when its four wings are working in concert, this bookReveals the four "wings" of the Dragonfly Effect-and how they work together to produce colossal resultsFeatures original case studies of global organizations like the Gap, Starbucks, Kiva, Nike, eBay, Facebook; and start-ups like Groupon and COOKPAD, showing how they achieve social good and customer loyaltyLeverage the power of design thinking and psychological research with practical strategiesReveals how everyday people achieve unprecedented results-whether finding an almost impossible bone marrow match for a friend, raising millions for cancer research, or electing the current president of the United StatesThe Dragonfly Effect shows that you don't need money or power to inspire seismic change.


Postscript of utmost importance

If you buy any of the books recommended above, this page automatically makes a donation to the incredible nonprofit, Donors Choose, which helps provide classrooms and students in need with resources that our public schools often lack.

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