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Poem: Violet Enchantress

Updated on March 11, 2009

Oh seductress slither before me,
Tempt me with your curvaceous sin,
Lure every breath towards your silky event horizon
Fill me with your breath deep, deep from within.

Heart pulsating I feel internal conflict swoon,
So wrong, this deadly addictive rush consumes,
My body electric with tortuous adrenal affliction
Anticipating a glance,
A touch,
Or slightest advance movement from this wicked shrew.

Pure elegance stands before me,
Captivated, without inhibition I’m entranced with her radiant scene,
Paralyzed, dripping with carnal desire
Hyperventilating from the slight turn up of her porcelain cheek.

Exasperated I beg thee,
Please, please convict me of ill thought,
Entombed I, longing for that unattainable passionate kiss,
Ready to die I submit for one singular chance to see,
A 3 dimensional memory of her, mine,
This ghostly violet enchantress.


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