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Making a Writing Room or Space for Yourself

Updated on August 4, 2017
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Writing is my passion. I work as a freelance writer online and have done for many years. It is rewarding and enjoyable to craft words.

How to Personalise Your Writing Space to Create a Place Where You Can't Wait to Be!

Make a writing room where you simply can't wait to be. Even when you're tired or pushed for time. Your writing deserves at least one special location, so you simply can't wait to sit down and finally pen that novel, create short articles or work on this year's Nanowrimo entry. Creating a writing space is something you can do even if you have to make use of your bedroom or a public venue like a cafe or library.

If you're lucky enough to have your very own writing room, personalizing it is much easier for you to do. Here's how to make whatever space you use so attractive that you can't resist the urge to get on and write. Create a fantastic and inspiring room, whatever that may be, of your own! Because of extensive work we've endured in our own home, I've had to learn to work in the tiniest of areas and that's why I feel qualified to help you out.

1. A Mobile Writing Room

Investing in a decent laptop or messenger bag to hold all your writing equipment is pretty essential when on the move.

How to Make a Writing Room with Almost No Space

Creating a writing space is possible even when you have no actual room that you can use. You need to get used to writing in public areas like a cafe or library and even, perhaps, while you're on the move. Here's some tips to help you:

1) Off peak. If you're going to a public place such as the library or a cafe, avoid peak periods which could mean you don't get exactly the space you want and you end up waiting in queues to use resources. Try going either first thing or later on in the evening.

2) Portable bag. Invest in a writing bag, satchel or briefcase - one with plenty of pockets to arrange your writing equipment. Keep everything you need ready in the bag to make it easy on yourself when you do go for your writing session. This will save time hunting around for last-minute items and keep you from forgetting things to take.

3) Best seat. Find a suitable spot where you can work. Is it near natural light which won't strain your eyes too quickly? Is the air circulation good so that you don't tire too fast? Is the space large enough for you to work at and is it separate enough from other people so you won't be easily distracted? Is there enough leg room to stretch your legs out?

4) Tone it down. If you enjoy working to music, check whether you are permitted to use a personal stereo with headphones while you work. A library may have a strict policy on noise levels and it may be considered downright rude to turn your music up loud in a cafe - it's surprising what you can hear even through some tiny earphones. Adjust the volume levels in a middle of a track while you hold the earphones in your hand. If you can hear anything, it is too loud.

5) Suitable padding. To make hard and uninviting seating more comfortable, take a padded coat or sweater to sit on. This will keep you sitting down and writing for longer.

6) Lose the shoes. If your space will hide it, slip off your shoes and flex those tootsies. Just airing your feet can sometimes help to revive you when you're starting to flag a little.

Making a space inviting is possible wherever that space may be. An uninviting or uninspiring writing area could seriously let your writing down, assuming you can even make the effort to get there first!

2. A Shared Writing Room or Space

Tips on Working in a Writing Room or Office Space that you have to Share

How do you create a fantastic writing place in a shared location? Here's some tips for creating a writing room that can be in an existing bedroom, dining room, family room or some other shared location. Just make the most of what you do have. Here's how:

1) Divide and conquer. If possible, section off part of the room so it feels like your own. Make a space for your desk in front of a bay window, in a recess or in a corner - somewhere where it stands apart from the rest of the room. It's all about defining a space within a space.

2) Privacy laws. Shroud your section of the room with a curtain or a movable screen such as a room divider for added privacy. You may not feel so inhibited in your writing if other people coming in or through the room are a little less visible while you work. The advantage of this type of screen is that it can be pushed back or removed once your writing session is complete.

3) Listen up. If you work well to music, consider playing it through headphones attached to your PC or to a portable music box. That way, you won't disturb other people and they also become less of a distraction to you.

4) Bookworm. Have a selection of reference books close by on your very own shelf. Some desks have in-built shelving which will hold even heavy encyclopedias. If not, install some shelving on the wall nearest to you.

5) Make it your own. Personalize what you do have. I've a gorgeous ivory writing desk and chair which I painted and varnished myself to match. I swapped the plain wooden drawer handle for an ornate silver piece and made a luxury suede chair pad to help me out in long periods of use. My desk looks so inviting and is so comfortable, I simply love to sit at it and write.

6) Blank looks. Don't stare ahead at a blank wall or a depressing view. Invest in a piece or artwork or print that you find inspiring and place it in your line of sight. Having something nice to look at will help the inspiration and the ideas to flow.

Trying to divide the room in a practical way is the key to a harmonious shared writing space.

3. Your Own Writing Office

Creating Your Own Writing Room or Space

Lucky enough to have your own writing space or office? Discover how to turn your spare room into a writing room. Think about everything you'll need in your room to make each writing session pleasant and comfortable. Creating a room for writing can be fun. As well as the usual ensemble, you may also want:

1) Music. Do you work well to it? If so, how about placing a hi-fi or beat-box in the room? Keep a remote for it on your desk so you don't even need to move to control it. Space saver tip: plug in some mini speakers or some headphones into your PC and play music through this instead.

2) Somewhere to relax. When you need a quick break between writing sessions, how about lounging on a small sofa-bed? This way you don't need far to go to wind down a little between sessions and you can also make use of the room when guests come to stay. This can easily be dressed to your own taste with a simple throw and some comfy cushions. Space saver tip: invest in an ultra comfortable writing chair which tilts back so you can grab a few winks.

3) Book storage. A bookcase or shelving will hold all your reference guides and reading material which you can browse through for pleasure and idea gathering sessions. Space saver tip: you can buy desks with built-in shelving which will be enough to hold the essential books.

4) Artwork. Use it to personalize your room and provide an instant source of inspiration. You can easily buy and frame prints to suit your taste. Space saver tip: save your favorite artwork on your PC as wallpaper or a screensaver so you don't need to look far to get inspired.

5) A large mirror opposite your window. This will help to reflect natural light around the room. It's easier on your eyes to work with natural light (you may need to move your PC to reduce glare) so maximize on what you have. Throw the curtains back, pull up the blinds and let light work for you. If you only have a tiny room, paint it in a very light color throughout and use reflective surfaces where you can to give the illusion of space.

6) A little luxury. How about a foot spa underneath your desk. Slip your tootsies in while you write for the ultimate in pleasure. A bit extravagant but you'll look forward to each and every writing session - guaranteed. You can also buy a back massager to sling over your chair. Get pampered while you write. Money saver tip: fill a bowl with warm water and your favorite bath foam to slip your feet into instead.

You can only write for the length of time that your chair is comfortable. So invest in a comfy seat!

Here is my Current Writing Room. It isn't big or pretty but this is my current Writing Den!

Writing Room / Office Space
Writing Room / Office Space

I've worked all over the house: in the dining room, in our lounge, bedroom and even outside with a laptop and a tray. But I finally have my own writing space!

My husband got tired of being kept awake in the wee hours of the night while I typed away on a desk in our bedroom, so we made a space in the wee boxroom. I have to share the room with a tumble dryer that isn't in use - this gets used as a handy shelf and I store things inside it too. My cat kept stealing my chair so I made her a cushioned space on the floor so she sits with me while I write.

The most useful items in the room aside from my laptop (and the cat of course) are the big whiteboard which is great when I need to brainstorm ideas for new articles and also my pinboard which holds tick sheets of pages that I want to create and ones that need to be updated. It's still a very new space so I'm going to personalize it as I go - and maybe I'll lose the tumble dryer in time too!

Vote for your best Writing Room

What kind of room would you love to have just for writing?

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