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Updated on October 23, 2010

Making money with ease is something that is achievable when proper plan is made and followed. The starting point is to choose money making route to follow. There are four known ways of making money that anybody can easily leverage on.


Below are the four things you can do in order to start making money with ease and continue to make money.

  3. INTERNET BUSINESS: a lot of businesses are transacted through the internet today. Your best bet might be to open a UK online shopping center where people from the UK can buy from you. This is just an example! The most important tool that you need here is a computer that is connected to the internet. You can start by using free websites where you can make money and then graduate into buying your own domain name.

Your background is irrelevant as far as these money making avenues are concerned. All you need to do is to have the right kind of mental attitude of millionaires. BECOMING A MILLIONAIRE TAKES JUST THREE THINGS:


Actively seek these three things and you will notice how easy it is to be a millionaire. Every successful millionaire I have come in contact with and interviewed tells me similar things that one should do to become a millionaire with i.e. making money with ease. Those things that you must do to become a millionaire almost overnight are listed below:


  • MANIFEST: before you become a millionaire, you must have a mental picture of a millionaire. The mental picture of millionaires created in their inner mind propels them into actively seeking good business ideas, getting committed to implementing the business ideas, and making the key contact needed to make money with ease.
  • DO WHAT YOU LOVE BE ENLIGHTEN MILLIONAIRE: all the millionaires I have interacted with do what they love most. Warren Buffet of the blessed memory for instance loves investing and that led him into establishing one of the most successful investment companies that had outlived him. May his soul rest in peace.
  • LIVE ABOVE THE LINE: Do not blame anybody for whatever that happens to you, and never be ashamed of making mistakes. Millionaires and those that have made money with ease in the past and are still making today never blamed anybody for the mistakes they make. Rather, they learn from the mistake. They realise the pride that exist within making mistakes- after all, the world have been advanced by those that made mistakes.
  • BE WILLING TO GIVE ALL THE TIME: give your time, your expertise, approval, your love, and your whole being. By so doing, you are simply obeying the natural law of give and take. Look for what the people need and proffer solution to it. If your expertise is needed, give it in exchanges for money.
  • CHANGE YOUR REALITY: change your habit. Those habits that you posses that you know will not take you to your millionaires land. Habits like procrastinating; not being focused, not setting goals, not taking action, living a life of fear, etc should be shed if you truly want to make money beyond your imagination.
  • SPEAK POSITIVE WORDS: use the words of millionaires, and never speak negative words. The words that you speak have a way of registering in your subconscious and readily manifest at slight opportunity. Say; how do I raise this money to finance this project rather than saying, I can’t raise such money. This is where the power of positive thinking comes into play. Millionaires and those that make money with ease don’t use negative words.
  • TAKE STOCK OF YOUR RESOURCES: start by listing your assets, followed by your liabilities in order to get your net worth. Until you do, you will not know what you are exactly looking for. How are you supposed to know how much to raise when you have not taken time to know how much you have. Rich people are good stock takers. They keep account of everything they have ever made.


I have chosen to adopt three out of the four ways of making money with ease. The three paths that I chose are, investing in securities, internet business and bricks and mortar business. The ball is now in your court, how you choose to play it is all up to you. PLEASE DON'T FORGET the importance of financial management and good assets allocation strategy.

Happy easy money making!


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