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Making money as an older freelance writer

Updated on August 4, 2010

Making Money As An Older Freelance Writer

I’ve been freelance writing for many years, I have a unique style of writing of my life’s experiences and am capable and able of doing the research for other topics that I know nothing about. I used to write for publications which a few I was paid and some I was not until the paid ones decided to accept only free content only.

Recently I have been out of the writing industry due to first of all lack of writing work, second lack of knowledge in various online writing topics, last but not least various new methods of writing such as Apa style, AAA style, ASA Style, CSE style, etc. All of which I back in the day of going to school was never taught.

What ever happened to the normal style of writing in which we used years ago? Being 50 yrs old and not having any education in years, its hard for a Freelance write such as myself to get back into the industry due to the restrictions of writing styles.

What I’ve noticed as well when looking for a freelance writing job is the topics are all technical, and for someone with out a college degree or knowledge on a topic well its virtually impossible for a writer to make money. You have to be a rocket scientist just too now days write a paper.

Back in the day when I first started writing, when you came up with an article of a topic of your choice through past lifes experiences and or life in general and wrote about it. Our articles  were good enough to keep a readers interest and get published.

With the technical language and fancy words now days, who can keep the readers coming back? A lot of people out there in the world are not highly educated. Especially older people such as my self who could not or can not afford to go back to college to learn these fancy ways of writing.

What us old Authors and Writers write now days is not good enough because we do not used technical languages or write in the new modern fancy ways. Is this fair to us? I think not. Will the new generation accept our articles or life’s experiences? No, they have mind set as to what they want and want to change the writing world not realizing what us older folks who write can teach them or two about our past lives, learning by past mistakes on how to better life and the quality of life, our writing experiences, and our suggestions on survival in general.

Instead the younger generation wants to make it hard on us older folks to obtain writing careers as we once had. Yeah lets make up these new styles in writing, yeah lets make it more technical so the stupid older people who write can't get writing jobs, lets laugh at them due to lack of education and keep them unemployed. This makes me sick.

The younger generation who publishes articles, who are employed in the news industry, book writing etc has gotten to be so critical, so picky, so one tracked mind as to a single genre or the way a person writes. I’ve noticed that no one wants articles stating the truth any longer, what ever happened to honesty in writing, again to keep the readers attention? Do people now days live in a world of lies or do they live in a fake pretend world that is so perfect?

I as a writer have had a hard time trying to obtain legitimate paying freelance jobs, all do to the styles that are out there now, the technicality of a topic they want and the pickiness of how a person words their assignments. Freelance writing should be as it says “Freelance Writing.” Write what you feel like writing; say the honest to God truth on your topic. Then get that article published with out any hassles.

Is a Freelance writer able to make money? Only if your young and have the education as to the new styles and have the technical knowledge as to various topics the young publishers and book makers give. For us older writers who have been in the writing industry a long time, the answer is no for we are being weeded out of today’s society of writers due to lack of technical writing and the writing styles that are out there.

  We now resort to trying to get our books published and hope to God that some publisher will take pity on us and hand us at least one topic we do have knowledge about then hope we obtain re-occurring assignments which never happen. Or we have to resort to sites such as Hubpages, Helium etc. hoping to make a little money which takes years and years off of votes of other writer or readers. Is this a living?

I personally don’t have an extra $35,000.00+ to go back to school to get a Bachlor's or Masters degree in writing or the writing styles in today’s economy.


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    • wyoming wonder profile image

      Debby Richardson 4 years ago from Georgia

      I know I am not a quitter in life that is for sure. I have other ideas as to be able to get my work published so slowly on top of putting up a farm from scratch by my self I will be searching another option as to publishing my own work since I am unable to find any kind of writing positions.

    • profile image

      von62653 7 years ago

      Try not to get discouraged, WW. I'm also an older writer and see a lot of jobs for the younger writers, but I figure there's over 70 million baby boomers out there. We just have to find out what they're reading, right?