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Marriage Poems A Blessing From Above

Updated on October 10, 2011

Marriage A Blessing From Above

Heaven has decided to share

To descend on us like a canopy

Under which our marriage was formed

An eternal life as one has born

To go through life experiences

As lovers we be, as lovers we see

This marriage must bring joy and peace

Because it was born under Heaven's canopy

Marriage Poem - The Time Has Come

At the alter stand you and I,

Piercing into each other eyes,

Here we stand finally,

The place we desire be,

Only my honey and me.

Thyself as bride and bridegroom I,

Ready to release the flame inside,

Now let your lips touch my lips,

And crown me with a blissful kiss,

For now we are husband and wife.

Away we depart a family to start,

To drink the wine of the heart,

In love, romance and passion,

For now my love we two are one,

Lovers forever, always close together,

Fulfilling every need of one another.

I am so happy that we have join,

Alas the time has finally come.

© Copyright David Beepathsingh


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