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Real Men Don't Read Poems

Updated on April 24, 2012

Mr. Manly Poetry Man

There is a way for a man to put down what he wants to say,

And that comes in the form of writings called Poet-tray.

I know what you're thinking...I can sense it from here,

“If I like Poems...would that mean that I’m _______!” (*)

So listen to me…"Man Up...You Stinkin’ Maggot”!

Reading Poems; Doesn’t make you a "____-__"! (*)

I know you're thinking poems are all flowery and fluffy.

Full of light romantic passages...all frilly and stuffy.

But, with some stealth they can be sharp and kind of witty,

They can be tough and get right down to the “nitty-gritty”.

Words come from the hand that wields them...

A man is forged by the world around him.

Words come at you every day;

Poems just have more order in what they say !

Listen to me…My Brother,

It’s time you stepped away from the apron strings of your mother.

Stop all the thinking out there…That Poems are for “Wuzzies”,

I’ve seen a bunch of you “Poem-haters” and you’re a bunch of “________ !” (*)

Stand up, and take the Poems like a Man,

No one can "whip-out" Manly Poetry like I can!

You think you got what it takes…Well...we’ll just see,

Many have tried; Only a few have strength to read such "Poetry" !

I can do the “love thing” or get sad and gloomy,

I can paint scenic pictures or portray the news real “doomly”.

Don’t worry…I know this may appear to be controversial….

And this boldness may rock your world…‘Cause You’re Special !

But truth is…you might just be a little afraid of “Poem Power”...

Now is the time…give me a few minutes...not even an hour,

And I’ll give you some remarkable Poetry...

You can thank me later…But it’s not all about me !

A simple talent from above...just like any talent given you,

And for many years I set it aside…not knowing what I could do.

So…I sat awhile at a computer screen…weary...

And worried what people might think of my poems…I was leery.

But, my forecast has changed now from being dreary…

People make pilgrimages to hear my work now...yearly !

And so with no further ado…I must say...

You’re reading some of the Best Poems that are out there today !

“Real Men Don’t Read Poems”…is that what you’re thinking ?

You ain’t seen nothing yet…Watch me "whip-out" a Poem without blinking !


(*) Made you rhyme! Due to some Off-Color Words in this Poem: Any Comedic Phrases that End with a Controversial Word have been Editorialized in Advance.

Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved for this "Manly" Poetry Man Poem

(if you look closely in the above might see a line or two inspired by "The Raven", by Edgar Allen Poe, a reference to R. Lee Ermey, a reference to how does things, a few old cliches including: "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche", and a close resemblance to Manly Poetry Man's favorite quote in regards to Poetry: "Words come at you everyday; Poems are just a little more organized in what they have to say!"

Not bad for a simple "Manly" Poem...even if I do say so myself..Ha!)


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