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Daddy's "Wine Gourd"

Updated on March 19, 2020
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Last May, Taylor got married. On the eve of the wedding, Taylor specially brought a lot of gifts with peter, Among the gifts were two bottles of Moutai.

Moutai is "national wine", the price of a bottle is as high as nearly two thousand. I knew that the wine was expensive, so I didn't want to drink it myself, and soon I gave my father-in-law and father two bottles each. Give my father-in-law a bottle first. One is to please my wife first, and the other is to honor my father with another bottle. My wife can say nothing. Before retiring, my father-in-law traveled to Maotai Distillery and was fortunate to have tasted authentic Maotai wine. In the past two years, the retail price of Moutai liquor has gone up. Before retirement, he was just the father-in-law of a cadre. This idea of ​​"national wine" is no longer being used. Therefore, after receiving this bottle of Moutai, his father-in-law treasured it and said that he would wait for his 80th birthday soon before taking it out to share with his loved ones.

The old father who has been a farmer all his life, when I saw that he respected his Moutai, I was a little unhappy when I heard the price of the wine. He said that I had no idea of ​​saving, and warned me not to accept high-end tobacco and alcohol as a little official So as not to "eat people's mouth soft." When I explained the origin of the bottle of wine, he accepted it happily. After accepting it, he was not willing to open the bottle to share with me, and smiled and stored it in the small cabinet under the counter. The old father-in-law was 80 years old on the seventh day of the lunar calendar last year. At the banquet, the bottle of Maotai I offered to him was solemnly opened by him. After opening, he also deliberately came forward to a large group of friends and relatives who celebrated his birthday. I honored him for this bottle. I was also instructed to fill a small cup for each of the large table of friends and relatives who came to celebrate their birthday. Everyone boasted that I was a good son-in-law of my father-in-law. As for me, my face became hot without drinking, it must have turned red, and I was very happy.

His father-in-law took the wine glass with a smile and took a sip, paused, and took another sip. Then his father-in-law said with a regretful smile: "It seems that this bottle of Maotai can only be tasted by everyone. I have drank Maotai, and don't hide it from everyone, it seems that it is not the taste." I smiled and exaggerated: "However, I still have the mind of the son-in-law, let's switch to drinking bar. Xi Jiu and the original Xishui are a series of wine found here, there is an old saying of drinking," I want to think Beauty, drink Xishui ', let's be beautiful together. "After listening to my father-in-law, I immediately tasted a glass of Chinese wine, and it tasted very different from the Maotai wine I once drank. I felt really embarrassed to think that I had honored my father-in-law and my dad with a bottle of fake Maotai, and my face suddenly felt hotter and definitely redder.

That day, I wanted to ask the old father if his bottle of "Moutai" had been drunk. Because there was no phone installed at home, the old father insisted on not using a cell phone, so he just put up with it for the time being. In a blink of an eye, it was New Year's Day, and I went home on vacation. While having dinner, my father actually plucked out the bottle of "Moutai" from the cabinet with joy. I immediately grabbed the bottle and shook it. There was still more than half a catty of wine in the bottle, and I quickly explained to my dad what was happening with the bottle. After listening to it, the old father smiled, and then he smiled and said, "This wine is not fake, it's better than Maotai." After that, he poured a large glass on me.

The old mother happened to come in from the kitchen, and once she came in, she knew what happened. Her old man laughed like a seventeenth and eighth daughter-in-law's house, smirking old father for a while, then wiped his eyes and said to me, "Just you bottle of Maotai, you don't know your father is showing up before others How many miles. When guests come to the house, they always take it out, and they are willing to pour two small cups to accompany the family to taste a rare mile. Many people know that you have given him a bottle of Moutai Mile. "The old father heard the old mother's joke. He looked up at his neck and said, "Yeah? As long as your old lady can handle it, two cups of wine can't bear to drink with guests!"

The old mother didn't fight with the old father, but she still smiled even missing her teeth and broke the news to me: "Baby, you don't know how vain your father is. In fact, this bottle of Moutai has made him an old drunkard and others. The tasting is over. Haha, he is in the bottle of Maotai, but he buys the loose wine! " When the old father saw the old mother revealed her "short", he stared at the old mother and fired: "Just your old lady talks loudly. This Moutai is really not true, we do n’t know what the wine is, as long as it is from this Moutai wine It ’s poured out of the bottle, and I think it ’s all good wine, and it ’s good to drink! ”

The old father said, raised the glass and touched me exaggeratedly, and said aloud, "Taylor, is your Moutai really a fake, but your father and I know your heart is not fake. I and your mother are not I like your Moutai. I have put another wine in this Moutai bottle right now, which is to use this bottle as a gourd. The wine poured from this bottle can drink a slice of you and your wife Filial piety! "

Listening to the old father's heart, and thinking about my father-in-law's compliment to me, I raised the glass again, and touched the old father, "Dangdang", and lifted his neck and drank a large glass of loose wine he drunk. Already. I drank it, but I just wanted to cry. When I returned to my little home, I told my wife with tears about the story of my old father drinking Maotai. My wife's eyes were red and she touched my cheek to comfort me. I told my wife that they must respect the old father and father-in-law again. Even if you trust, you must buy it for real. I said, "I know, they definitely oppose me doing this, but I had to lie once and say that someone else gave me two more bottles of Moutai."

When my wife heard me say this, she smiled and punched me with a finger and said, "You, I'm so stupid. Let's just go to a specialty store and buy a Maotai. Isn't it just a six bottle? Honor our father, two bottles, respectful Dad two bottles! " I asked my wife with a little surprise: "Well, what about the two bottles?" Wife to look at jumping, arm around my neck, sweet and said: "You left two bottles of reward ! A big dutiful son ah" At that moment, I was enthusiastic at once, just like hugging my wife immediately when I was in love, and my wife gave me a painful "ah", and laughed lightly: "Why do you hold your arms tight? Fool!"

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