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A conversation between HEART and ME...

Updated on September 6, 2014

My heart,

whom are you waiting for,

theare is a silence,

spread out in miles,


stretched for years.

See, the world,

full of joy and happiness,

why your eyes,

filled up with tears,

no image on the road,

none will come,

into your thirsty arms.

For you and me,

none is there,

crying for both of us,

relations are deadly broken,

why any one,

deeply be involved,

in our miseries.

We very well know,

no one will die,

for and along with anyone,

if it is not possible,

why pains are distributed to others.

what will you do,

with the nights gone away,

what will I do,

with the memories passed away,

the bed of roses, or the grave,

whichever is available,

I have to sleep and sleep forever.

Why we should worry for anything,

I have only the breathing,

in installments,

I have only the ocean of tears,

if I am desired to give,

happiness and joy,

I have nothing, but to cry,

There is none for you,

there is none for me,

why we remember for anyone.

live simply and die simply.


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  • Pixienot profile image

    Pixienot 6 years ago from Clarksville, Indiana


    Such pain and sadness you communicate.

    I would suggest you read your words out loud, carefully, before publishing. Makes it much easier to find spelling typos as well as grammar mistakes.

    Voted up and awesome

  • thoughts220 profile image

    thoughts220 6 years ago from India

    That is like a mirror image of what I think and feel when I'm frustrated. A good poem with some amazing lines. Like this one :-

    "the bed of roses, or the grave,

    whichever is available,

    I have to sleep and sleep forever."

    I suggest you go through it and remove small errors which kinda ruin the whole experience for the reader (Not for me! :) )

    All in all, i loved it. Keep up the good work. :D