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Updated on November 11, 2015

Through the ringer.


How do you mend a broken heart
When all your emotions are torn apart.
How to reverse sadness to replace with a smile
In my experience,it can take a while.
There's no set routine,no quick fix
No potions or cures,or underhanded tricks.
Take each day as it comes,focus on the good
Don't upset yourself,you'll end up in a mood.
Try take up a hobby,make your mind change direction
Loves hard to forget,you'll have a different completion.
Meet new people,make new friends
Turn of your sadness ,begin new trends.
Can be a long process,there's no set route
Like trying new things,may seem a bit moot.
I've been there a few times throughout my years
It's awful and tragic,drives you to tears.
like there's no cure,feel desperate and alone
Cuts your emotions deep to the bone.
Time they say will heal all
The sadness you feel will eventually fall.
Life's ups and downs,smiles and frowns
One minute on a high,you hear familiar sounds.
A smell of her perfume,her favourite TV show
Then your opened up again,your emotions overflow.
Nice to remember,harder to forget
Will the situation get better,sure it will I bet.
Get on an even keel,feel yourself again
Happiness on a high,nine out of ten.
Might meet someone new,fall in love again
Then the roller coaster will begin,take a breath,count to ten.

Hard times.

this time in life I really dread.when you break up with a person you've shared your life with for a long feel lost and alone.the world looks and is a different place when you be one a single person.the worst of this time is,when people find out and start asking you question after question.your too upset to answer,but at the same time you don't want to appear you answer tentatively your version of events,even though you know they probably had the other half version before quizzing dread the living alone part that has come to you through no fault of your own you surmise.i absolutely without a doubt hate and dread this time above all's a nice feeling having a partner you can talk to about problems,or have a giggle with.I've been married for over twenty years now.and I can say without hesitation,she really did save me from a life of hell.

Teary times.


love catches you on the hop

testing your nerves,it will never stop.

sometimes good,sometimes its bad

you try to grim and bear it

can often make you mad.

try control yourself

easier said than done

having a partner

is about 75% fun.

i can accept this

better than being alone

horrible feeling

can cut you to the bone.

Drags you down.

One too many.

when do you know the right time to quit?. That's the question a lot of couples struggling to keep it going ask themselves every it worth all the Aggro? Is it worth all the tears?. Sometimes it's better to call it a day for both of your mental welfare. If the kids are a part of the family,it's wrong to stick together for their sake.ive seen so many people try this,and it ends up making them feeling more miserable than they did before. A lot of people delude themselves into thinking the kids can't hear or understand the quarrelling and raised voices.They definitely do,I remember my Mum and Dad arguing constantly before the separated years ago,and I heard every argument and every fight.i witnessed some of the violence and terror,it's a terrible thing to witness,so if people are of the opinion kids don't understand,they definitely need to do the right thing by your kids,or you can mess them up for life.

Doubts abound.

if in doubt,

don't shout it out

you'll mess with their mind

finding love is hard to find.

they will go through life

messed up and not trusting

because you were selfish

your views continually thrusting.

if you're in the right

or in the wrong

kids suffer the most

same persistent song.

curb your emotions

discuss the situation through calm

it's the best way to continue

kids won't come to no harm.

Nightly battles.

throughout my childhood,I was often the referee between my Mum and Dad. It did on occasion get very violent.i felt unfairly thrown in to the middle of the battle.i felt helpless as a very young boy expected to get between two grown adults physically throwing punches at each other.they battled frequently,and usually alcohol had a direct involvement in the fight.My pretend dad would say something nasty while he was getting drunker,my Mum would never let him off with any verbal attack.i would hear the smashing of plates and cups,and then I knew I would be called upon to take sides again.i dreaded this time in the fights the most,most of the time they both fell asleep after drinking heavily,so a lot of the time I could ignore the shouting by turning the volume up on my TV. There were some fantastically amazing moment in my childhood,but unfortunately they are outweighed by the bad times. You just have to get on with life and play the hand God has dealt you.That's my philosophy anyway.

Crashing and banging.

crashing and banging

trying my last nerve

arguments and their fights

i felt difficult to swerve.

involved me always

asked me to take a side

more often than not

i just chose to go and hide.

didn't want to get in the middle

of the inevitable storm

hid under my covers,

kept myself warm.

smashing and banging,

trying my last emotion

trying to ignore the shouting

and the awful commotion.

Feeling up and down.

Best way forward.

When parents fight,who's in the right?

See results

Afterlife or like it.

now I'm married with kids,I can never imagine putting my kids through some of the childhood horrors I had to suffer,it would be wrong to do so,I could never forgive myself if I caused my wife or five girls so much as an ounce of pain.i could not live with myself. My Mum apologised lots of times for the things I had to witness,then she passed away.The step father didn't,I've never had so much as a sorry or anything else.But that's the sort of guy he is.I won't lose a minutes sleep thinking about him.i often think of the really good times I had with my Mum,she was a bit crazy.When I think of some of her antics,it brings a smile back on my face.She will no doubt be causing mischief in heaven to this day.


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    • bigj1969 profile imageAUTHOR

      John Marshall 

      3 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks nellieanna for stopping by.i appreciate your comments,and I hope your feeling better soon.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      3 years ago from TEXAS

      Hello, John. I saw your comment on arb's hub and came by to touch base with you. I've been somewhat out of commission with two sprained wrists & am typing with one finger. So please forgive the typos.

      I've a feeling that you may have written this more as a personal catharsis than from a desire to share it publicly. So I won't attempt to comment too much or offer stale platitudes.

      I admire your spunk and determination to deal with it and especially your desire to spare your children anguish themselves. If the potential source of possible anguish for them is connected to discord between parents, though, it takes both parents' desire to spare the children its burden.

      Often the parents' discord itself creates the desire in one or both to seize for themselves the allegiance of the innocent witnesses - the children. If so, one parent doing so is enough to cause damage and makes it nearly impossible for the peace-minded one to prevent or remedy it. Even if one parent is willing to 'keep the peace at any price', the other one who prefers to fight it out for whatever agenda he/she has may use that very peacefulness to try to poison and claim allegiance of the children. I speak from experience.

      Perhaps your hub is not about present, ongoing situations. Either way, my best wishes for you.


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