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A Guiding Inner Force

Updated on December 25, 2013
Author: niekverlaan
Author: niekverlaan | Source

The Light Glows Within

This embodiment of a Creative Soul lurks in a dark corner of Felicity's room. This soul abides there because it is her home. Creative spirit, the eternal one, motivates the right hemisphere of the brain in Felicity's body and projects visions through the optic nerves of her grey-blue eyes. A youngster who has not reached her tenth year, lays on the neatly made bed graced with a frilly canopy overhanging it. The season is summer and a warm breeze blows through the open window, acting like a sculptor in her quest to mold apparition like figures in the long white translucent curtains. The breeze in question then mimics the moves of a dancer gesturing in a come to me fashion. This child with long brown hair reclines in a trance like manner, her thoughts ride into the distance of the ego. At the end of the voyage she enters her comfort zone. A smile appears on her freckly face. Bliss is heavenly. Bliss is the chocolate cake with the cream cheese frosting. Tiny candy pellets of assorted colors decorate this delicious dessert. Candles illuminate it and its flames dance in the breath of a gentle wind. "When you stare into the soul of each flame, there is a story to be discovered", she thought. "Each candle's inner essence tells a tale yet each tale is different in some way. Every candle communicates that".

Author: Geralt
Author: Geralt | Source

Evening's Cloak Masquerades The Light

Evening time enters Felicity's bedroom using the window as an entry point. Soon the stars will be peeking out, with their twinkling eyes shining against the dark blue sky. The girl sits up and realizes she forgot something. Creative Soul glided in a stealth like manner towards the minor with one arm extended. Touching the beating heart of this gifted child, inspiration glowed in the young organ. Soul using her other arm embraced the child's brain and together both organs glowed in harmony. Felicity felt empowered and spiritual, as if a supreme being lifted her off her earthly domain and elevated her amongst the heavens. "Such a god like feeling" was one of her many thoughts. The girl was bestowed a tongue of translucent fire just above her head. Afterwards She was able to converse in many tongues, including indigenous ones. Felicity was one with the God Force, all vegetation, all living creatures and the next world. "This is beautiful and extraordinary", she exclaimed, "And I would never want to let go of this"! Her breathe become pure and her touch was the gentle touch of a healer.

Felicity was the goddess of this earth's dream scape. The hologram of interlocking triangle allowed her to pace like a tigress carrying it's young in her jaws. The muscles in her prepubescent body became strong and able. She danced entering and exiting each pastel shaded triangle. Intelligence came to her and with it the wisdom of the ages. No material possession did she desire. No amount of wealth did she indulge in. She was one with the God Force. Creative Soul was her guardian angel. prophets need not suffer to bring about her redemption. No knight in shining armor need rescue her. The burning tongue of fire, its hologram like structure was cool to the senses but warm to the heart. A hologram, as anyone knows, has many views, depending on perception and perspective.

Author: Bluesnap
Author: Bluesnap | Source

The Sounds Of Family

Felicity's perspective changed dramatically. Her bare feet descended the wooden stairs and her poise was angelic. Voices were resounding in the kitchen and the tantalizing scent of baking cookies filled her olfactory sense. Appetite stirred in her tummy. As she stood in the entrance of the kitchen, she observed her mother and younger brother having a trivial conversation about electric toy trains and baking chocolate chip cookies. "Hello Mom. Hello Alex. Mind if I sit down and join in"? "Mi casa es su casa," was Mom's reply. Alex just glared at her as if she was an alien from outer space. "Supper will soon be ready and your father should be home soon. He just had to run a simple errand for me." Alex rose from the wooden stool he was sitting on and walked with an uneven gait to the large old fashioned kitchen window. Her peered through the double paned window and looked up at the dark sky. There in the night's sky was the moon! This sphere of fabled green cheese donned a different shape tonight. This new shape intrigued the thought patterns of this autistic, Asperger's Syndrome boy. No longer was it round, it was crescent shaped and appeared as if it were a large thumbnail. "Was it possibly even God's special thumbnail? Was it from the left or the right hand?" he wondered. "Perhaps it was left behind from a magical cat in the story that I like."

The sound of keys unlocked the front door. The sound of heavy footsteps came in and walked toward the kitchen. It was Dad carrying a bag of groceries. "The store was rather busy with customers shopping after work," he replied. "Luckily I was able to get checked out before it was too late". "Did you remember to buy the unsweetened coconut milk instead of the sweetened kind? Alex set the table and tonight the menu reads pizza, spaghetti with tofu balls and the dessert is chocolate chip cookies"!

After Words

After that delicious meal of pizza, spaghetti with tofu balls and last but not least chocolate chip cookies, the children went upstairs, washed and readied themselves for bedtime. Bedtime was always low key not only for the children, but for the parents included. Quiet time activities included crayons and paper, reading books or playing puzzles. Felicity spent some time with Alex in his room. Alex's bedroom had dinosaurs, trains and it was decorated with neon stars adhered to the ceiling, just above his bed. The stars not only fascinated Alex, they also fascinated his sister. What a thrill it was to turn off the light and become stargazers! The feeling was absolutely hypnotic. They became transfixed and empowered. Inner strength guided them into exploration. Alex and Felicity did not exchange conversation, yet each one understood. Both were at peace with one another and the environment. Creative Soul touched both their hearts and minds. Soul picked up Alex's sleeping body and placed him under the warm blankets. She kissed a good night kiss on his forehead. Felicity stirred on the area rug near Alex's bed. As Soul approached her, touched her rosy cheeks and whispered." My spiritual child, let not temptation corrupt your divine intentions. Your faith is strong and someday you will lead others to be democratic and wise. This is what you are and will always be. Your leadership will be a positive passive revolution in the history of humankind. Rest my child for you have many lessons to learn until then. I will always be your guardian angel. Rest my young one."

Author; Paolo Neo
Author; Paolo Neo | Source


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