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narrative poetry

Updated on February 22, 2015


  Matching bands but we never took the vows, why 
  Are we doing this? Why are we doing this now?

  Children are getting big, anniversaries fly by,
  But we seem to share something; something that
  Withheld time.

  I want to thank you for making things seem so to always look at the bigger picture.

  Behind the picture I can see us, but it fades to
  Black with no future.

  What if I never looked up? What if I was never there.
  How about we never locked eyes, How about we never cared.

  Secluded in your stare, persuaded by your touch.
  How can someone like you make me feel so much.

  I'm trying to understand it, but maybe I don't, 
  You're filling in that need that I know someone

  This is a sweet interlude in a chapter of my life,
  But it's a harsh reality for someone like your


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