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Novel Writing Months: Write a Novel in a Month

Updated on December 27, 2016

NaNoWriMo Isn't Your Only Option To Write Really Fast

Novel writing months are designed to help you get some serious writing done by forcing you to write most (or all) of you novel in a month.

It all started with NaNoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month), a writing challenge that tasks writers with creating a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. This breaks down to writing at least 1,667 words a day. This is a great way to really get your writing juices flowing. The idea is to not worry whether or not every word, sentence, paragraph and page are perfect, but instead just get them out there. In addition, Nanowrimo also helps the budding writer by hosting forums that provide the emotional support and social networking that is so often lacking in the solitary writer's pursuit.

But what if you can't wait for November? Well, you're in luck! Although the NaNo forums are active year-round, there are plenty of other sites that you can visit for more immediate motivation. In fact, every month of the year provides at least one forum for insane levels of daily writing.

So what are you waiting for? If you ever wanted to write a book, this is your chance!

March Novel Writing Month

Editing Your Novel Brings You One Step Closer to Publication!

NaNoEdMo: Okay, so it's not technically a novel writing month. But you need to dedicate some time to editing all those novels you've written in the previous year, right? Editing a novel can be as hard as or harder than writing it, so use the NaNoEdMo writers' community to keep your spirits high.

April Novel Writing Month

It's time for the first Camp NaNoWriMo of the year! Like NaNoWriMo, but with a camp theme.

Writing in July
Writing in July

July Novel Writing Month

Meet Some Writers, Write Some Words, Eat Some Hot Dogs.

The well-established JulNoWriMo is seen by many as the summer counterpart to the official NaNoWriMo in November. Perhaps you write better in the summer; perhaps you're in a mood to accomplish things now that the frigid days of winter are a distant memory; or perhaps you just have more free time. Whatever the case, block out some time in July to write that novel you've always been dreaming about!

Missed Camp NaNoWriMo in April? Lucky you, you get another shot to go to camp in July! Best of all for bug-haters, you don't actually go anywhere during this camp. You get to do it from the comfort of your own home.

Image courtesy of shutterbugMike on Flickr.

Writing in October
Writing in October

October Novel Writing Months

Halloween Might Be Scary, But Writing 50,000 Words Really Isn't!

There's a definite chill in the air. Time to sit down, check out OctNoWriMo, and cozy up to your computer again for another novel in a month. You could try your hand at a detective or crime novel with a spooky or supernatural twist, or come up with some great new ideas for speculative fiction. Anything is possible.

There's also GothNoWriMo, for those of you interested in writing specifically Gothic fiction.

Image courtesy of sgs_1019 on Flickr.

November Novel Writing Month

This Is Where Writing Fast All Began.

National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo, is the group that started the whole "writing a novel in a month" concept. If it's your first time writing a novel in a month, this is a great place to start. The site allows you to befriend other writers, motivate yourself and others with forums and competitions, and keep track of your progress with neat statistics and graphs.

NaNoWriMo News: NaNoWriMo gets a shoutout during a TED talk!

What Do You Think?

Would You Write a Novel in a Month?

Definitely! It sounds like a fun challenge!

Definitely! It sounds like a fun challenge!

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    • karen-stephens 4 years ago


    • Li-Li-ThePinkBookworm 4 years ago

      Would be the kick in the butt that I would need to start and finish a project.

    • violann lm 4 years ago

      I'm up for the challenge, I believe taking this challenge will get me going again.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Yes! I have been doing it since April 2012, and soon I'll be attempting a novel in a week, then a novel in a day. Insane and fun? Hell yeah.

    • wwwScreenwritersForHireCom 5 years ago

      Writing a novel in a month is challenging to say the least. Writing a good novel in a month is next to impossible.

    • xisniel lm 5 years ago

      I think this is one of the best ways to write or attempt to write a novel. It doesn't have to take years to be special.

    • missraine 6 years ago

      Seems like something exciting to try:)

    • Linda Hahn 6 years ago from California

      I'm girding myself up for it.

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      I have done--done Nanowrimo four years running. Looking to do it in another month too.

    • pumpnut lm 6 years ago

      I would be willing to give it a shot. Heck, even if I didn't get 50,000 words down I would be that much closer to a goal.

    • Tony Payne 6 years ago from Southampton, UK

      It does sound like fun, but I have never until recently found the right topic. Now I have it, a historical novel based on a true story, but I think it has potnetial to become a Hollywood blockbuster as well, so I have to tread carefully to not have the idea stolen, and also have a lot of research to do, if it's going to be done right.

    • howdoyouspellst 6 years ago

      I just heard about NaNoWriMo! It sounds amazing, and I really want to try it! I might have a little too much schoolwork to do right now, but I think I'll try!

    • Kitsune64 6 years ago

      Love NaNoWriMo! I've done it a few times, and it's a great idea. It was a little daunting the first time, but the community really helps keep the energy up and pulls you through the rough spots.

    • Indigo Janson 6 years ago from UK

      I've done it... twice! Not good novels... but hey I achieved way more than I would have if I hadn't even tried.

    • emmaklarkins 6 years ago

      I know! I wrote another novel in March, and I had to finish the thing in about a month. It's like a curse now.

    • Linda Jo Martin 6 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

      I've done it! Now I'm wondering if I can NOT write a novel in November! LOL

    • emmaklarkins 6 years ago

      I participated in NaNoWriMo last year, and it was a huge challenge and tons of fun! It felt so great to accomplish my goal.

    I'm not sure if I'm up for it... yet. Maybe someday.

      0 of 8192 characters used
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      • JohnCumbow 4 years ago

        I'm not quite there, yet. Somehow, working at a full-time job (where I write all day) doesn't leave me with very much writing mojo by the end of the day. I've tried writing early in the morning, before work, but after a few ambitious days, that falls by the wayside as well.

        Perhaps one day I'll take a monthlong sabbatical and go off to a tropical island where I can write uninterrupted.

      • Tony Bonura 4 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

        I want to but...I'm sure you've heard all the excuses there are. I just don't always have the ambition to stick with something that intense on an everyday basis.


      • ronny vandergunst 5 years ago

        i can't type so fast , to much for me.

      • bolillie 5 years ago

        I'm not a fiction writer so I doubt I will do it. But if I was I'd participate at least once.

      • Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

        My brain is a little slow so I think a novel a month might be a bit of a stretch for me...a novel a year maybe?

      • C A Chancellor 6 years ago from US/TN

        I keep wanting to try it but it's a little intimidating. That's a LOT of words every day!

      • LabKittyDesign 6 years ago

        I couldn't TYPE 50,000 words in a month. Emma - you say you won the previous Nanowrimo? That's astonishing.

      • LoKackl 6 years ago

        Can't imagine! Though I am impressed by anyone who succeeds in writing that many words in a month!

      You As a Writer

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      Need Help Writing Fast?

      Sometimes it takes a little something extra to learn to write a novel in a month. Check out these great resources.

      Any Parting Thoughts on NaNoWriMo Or Other Novel Writing Months? - Share Them Here!

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        • WeeCatCreations1 profile image

          Susan Caplan McCarthy 2 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

          I didn't realize that there were so many support groups for people writing novels in a month. Really, no excuses not to do this!

        • GlennConrad profile image

          GlennConrad 4 years ago

          I've been writing novels in a month for NaNoWriMo since 2006 and Camp NaNoWriMo. Doing Camp again this April. Looking forward to the adventure!

        • emmaklarkins profile image

          emmaklarkins 4 years ago

          @Li-Li-ThePinkBookworm: You're welcome! A challenge is often a good way to get started down a path :)

        • profile image

          Li-Li-ThePinkBookworm 4 years ago

          I love the variety of ideas for a novel. Now I want to get going and maybe do that type of challenge soon. Thank you for the inspiration!

          Li Li

        • violann lm profile image

          violann lm 4 years ago

          NaNoWriMo's web page is dark and the print is tiny, so it's very hard to read. I took a look at while reading your lens, I didn't stay on their page was it was difficult to see.

        • emmaklarkins profile image

          emmaklarkins 5 years ago

          @claritastic: I've added it to the list. Thanks for letting me know!

        • claritastic profile image

          claritastic 5 years ago

          I've participated in NaNoWriMo for 5 years. Now I'm trying out Camp NaNoWriMo this June. There is also a camp for August. Maybe you can mention that in your lens.

        • emmaklarkins profile image

          emmaklarkins 5 years ago

          @anonymous: Exactly, a first draft! Sure, if you continue to write novels, you might spend longer on the first drafts in the future, but there's something powerful about getting your first one done in that amount of time.

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          I could could probably write a novel in one month, but not guarantees on how good it would be. Maybe a first draft?

        • profile image

          LaughingEyes 5 years ago

          And here I was thinking the only time to write a novel was NanoWriMo... Nice lens!

        • profile image

          bolillie 5 years ago

          I had no idea each month had a novel writing site. How cool! Guess fiction writers have no excuse for not writing novels with all that help.

        • Lady Lorelei profile image

          Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

          I have a couple novel plans in the works but they will take a bit more than a month to put together. Lol...currently squidoo takes up a lot of my time.

        • emmaklarkins profile image

          emmaklarkins 6 years ago

          @AbigailsCrafts LM: Glad you found a new novel writing month! Hey, at least writing a novel in July will help you to beat the heat!

        • Board-Game-Brooke profile image

          C A Chancellor 6 years ago from US/TN

          Nice lens! I had no idea there were novel writing challenges other than NaNoWriMo (which is at a bad time of year for me, being so close to the holidays). Blessed!

        • emmaklarkins profile image

          emmaklarkins 6 years ago

          @Board-Game-Brooke: Thank you!

        • AbigailsCrafts LM profile image

          AbigailsCrafts LM 6 years ago

          Oh dear, I must be mad - I just signed up for JulNoWriMo! I finished NaNoWriMo in 2009, but haven't written any fiction since. I guess I should say - thanks :D

        • TonyPayne profile image

          Tony Payne 6 years ago from Southampton, UK

          I hope next year to be in a position where I can begin to write novels. It's the research time that I have problems with, since I like to have the characters and facts laid out properly.

        • VladimirCat profile image

          Vladimir 6 years ago from Australia

          Next year I will beat everyone!

        • howdoyouspellst profile image

          howdoyouspellst 6 years ago

          I'm so inspired to write now! I think I'll try it this November. Or at least I'll write a few poems ;) Awesome lens, thanks for the resources!

        • profile image

          Kitsune64 6 years ago

          I'm not sure I could take doing a second WriMo, but I'm going to check these out! Nice suggestions for types of stories to write for a few of the months, too. ^_^

        • profile image

          Tempus 6 years ago

          I'm still reeling from a novel in a month, but the more I think about it - it's strangely compelling. Thanks for the info, it's definitely food for thought

        • emmaklarkins profile image

          emmaklarkins 6 years ago

          Glad to spread the word about other novel writing months! Thank you LoKackl for the blessing!

        • LoKackl profile image

          LoKackl 6 years ago

          Thanks for the resources! Blessed.

        • indigoj profile image

          Indigo Janson 6 years ago from UK

          I'm a big fan of NaNoWriMo but didn't know they now have challenges for every month of the year. Lensrolling this to my Motivation for Writers lens.

        • profile image

          Marelisa 6 years ago

          I had only heard of NaNoWriMo, I didn't realize there were so many other options. Thank you for featuring my NaNoWriMo lens. :-)

        • Linda BookLady profile image

          Linda Jo Martin 6 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

          Thanks for featuring my NaNoWriMo lens! It is definitely a worthwhile experience!