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Occult Studies

Updated on November 11, 2014

Its not all bad

I bet when you first saw that title you thought uh oh.. bad. Wrong. The Occult is the scientific study of the unknown.

Mostly assocciated with the paranormal.

Here I have listed some of my collection as well as other books that I have or have found to include in to read about the subject area.

#1 Rule& for now only....NEVER EVER under ANY circumstances read anything in Latin out loud (or any other language for that matter if you do not know what it says). Actually just to make all our lives easier.. NEVER read anything out loud EVER! Ultralingua Online Language Translation

USE #Zodiacimmortal

Disclaimers The infromation contain herein is written up by my knowledge and additial research to just fact check or is in the form of a featured lens NOT written by me and may not contain information I fully agree upon)



derives from latin word Occultus

"clandestine, secret, hdidden"

1 Knowladge of the paranormal

2 Of a supernatural nature or one not understood

3. of a secret knowladge

Occult Meaning ~*~ Occult

February (2013) book CLub Quest Nom

February (2013) book CLub Quest Nom
February (2013) book CLub Quest Nom

Ghastly Gouls & Ghosts - & the We ones

Bad Faries by Fay Langmor- See the reason why that dish broke, or you failed that test...

Learn all the different kinds of fairies there are some more melevolent than others.

Don't worry they're not all bad, some of them like to play with our pets it seems, as my cat sometimes seems to pbe playing with absolutely nothing & cats are said to see fae


The Master Vampire

If there is any one part of the occult I specialize in it would be vampires. They have their own pages (which I curently have to fix as with the transfer they have gotten a bit messed up as well as I need to add titles back in so the vampire pages published as well as Works in progress will likely end up being moved to my blog (or end up with their own blog)

Occult notebook

Types of Magic

I own 16 of the books that were on this list, (taken down due to regulations)

There's a wide variety of types of 'magic.' Good or bad

There's Hoodoo & Voodoo magic in which is popular (however in a book on the history of voodoo in New Orleans I've read that they don't use 'voodoo' dolls much). Voodoo like an other magic can be good or bad.

Some other magic, is Love, Dancing, Elemental (like Earth & water) magic, Ritual, Casting, blessing, conjuring, invocations, tarot, spirit, Scent (Oil, incense etc) , Crystal. Cord (string) work, Norse Magic

Blood Magic/blood Sacrifice Satanic

Keep in mind NONE of these are to be taken lightly.

Never dabble and remember, anything you put out there.. comes back to you 3 fold.

(meaning what comes around goes around Karma's a B**** & all that)

Learn more

I have the 13 & the Big Sleep book. Loved reading both.

The 13 books has to do with all things 13 as well as some other superstitious stuff.

Whaty is the 13 club, Was the last supper the basis for 'unlucky' 13 and so on

The big Sleep has quizes as well as other Death history & facts

I'll write more here about the books I have but I have to post those I took down on the list

for now.. here are a few books via Amazon learn more

Ouija Board in Black

Ouija Board in Black
Ouija Board in Black

Ouija Boards - The actual boards & other products

Take these as a WARNING: and as the RULES

1. If you use a Ouija board DO NOT ASK FOR A SPECIFIC PERSON. You ask who you are speaking with and ask them questions.

2. When you are finished contacting the spirits by all means make sure they say GOODBYE by moving the planchet to that area on the board.

3. Make a circle of salt around where you are using the Board (on a wood floor etc.) this will protect you from the spirits. keep the canister with you so you can dispell the entitiy if its putting off negative vibes.

Your 'board' does not have to be made of actual wood or cardboard. You can use a piece of paper Write it out yourself or more generically print one out off the 'net!Printable Ouija Boards

keep in mind, Places with wood & espeically water seems to hold the most psychic energies.

If you are strong enough in your mystic powers, then you can attempt to make your own board, as it is said it works better that way.

(Think of it this way, you with your own powers DNA etc make it & so therefore some of your magical energies)

Printable Ouija Board - add your own letters etc.

Planchette Print out (cut out white)

Planchette Print out (cut out white)
Planchette Print out (cut out white)

Spell book - Double Double Toil & Trouble comments appear

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    • Zodiacimmortal profile image

      Kim 4 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @anonymous: IF you look again you will see I've added a Reader Recomendation section. IF there's others you would like to you can just click on the add to list button Thanks for the heads up

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      When I had a bookstore the occult section was one of the most popular. My favorite book there was "Real Magik" by Isaak Bonewits. Will have to check out your favorites. They all look interesting.

    • Jerzimom profile image

      Cheryl Fay Mikesell 4 years ago from Ladysmith, WI

      Bad Fairies sounds interesting. I'll have to put it on my book reading list.