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Offbeat Sense of Humour

Updated on October 14, 2013



As simple as it sounds..offbeat...meaning off-the-beat....neither amusing nor required.When linked with humour the definition more simplifies to absurd humour.The one without plot,amazement and fun.

An off-beat humour is of the type that does not amuse the listener or watcher and does not give the natural impulse of laughter rather it is quite irrational and annoying,that would either be humdrum to ear or lets say a stiffness or stetch of nerves.....

Talking of annoyment may be the particular vulgar type of jokes that doesn't give you the feel of laughter but imposes dislikeness...

When we say laughter it should be genuine hahahahaha not the one with artificial suit-on not applauding to the heart...simply unsatisfactory.

SENSE OF HUMOUR is some kind of in-born or built genuine sensibility to humour either creating a humour or transforming something into humour that gives a pleasant feel.

:-X NOT FUNNY BOSS :-( ;-(

Now talking of such out of order pleasure i remind myself to a comedy show where the comedians were actually pushing,pulling and kicking one another framing it as to be funny which was not at all;When this profoundly out of order humour didn't work out they initiated with a new scratch of skill,in their view merely with abusing and non-sense talk.....compelling the disciples of the judges received a wreckful insult and stern comments.

As i quote for you,the judge said;

"Humour is not that you involve non-sense and out of limit talk,it should be that much ethical that can be watch or listen by a family"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Now i swear on LORD,OMG....THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST PART OF THE SHOW HAHAHAHHAH,but in vain because the comedian was still confident to argue on the point that humour is everything......How silly he was...AMATEAUR!!!!!




Nevertheless every thing has it's own pros and cons or what you say in easy words two sides.Now depending upon the vision of your sight the acceptability depends.Millions of people with different mind-sets and tastes generates millions of choices and brands.

"MARKET OFFERS ALL".....Because this is Buisness;You keep on demanding,they keep on providing rule applies.So,in accordance to demand off-beat humour has it's own place as it's unconventional and diffrerent strange type of growth attracts and amuse most off the readers or you say watchers because they are extracting somekind of fun out of it according to their mentality .

I totally admit,it's not important if a thing not making sense to us is waste for all.Choices,flavorings are undoubtedly things making one individual unique in it's self.We dont get a meaning we should side-off but then the argument remains constant that "MAJORITY IS AUTHORITY".

Putting in a nut-shell it's clear majority choice is authority choice but the minority should be respected;Here it means off-beat humour.

Hahahahaha to my utter laughter somwhere on the internet i caught an eye on the community where tips were given how to be not funny?.Addition to that it was open for all off-beat comics to join and post their jokes not funny or having no sense.

There was a bar that was allowing subscriptions and following of these comics.I personally have seen many comics and comedians working in media or newspaper whose productions may shock you but are paid and appreciated for what they do.May be if i enlight you readers to the concept of discipline and anarchy you would certainly grab an idea,the reason for their appreciation and encouragement are from mostly may be i am wrong but from those who have loose boundaries and random transformations of mind.Who have rest-less energies and are the people of category "JACK OF ALL,EXPERT ON NONE"....INCONSIsTENT who are deliberate to taste anything and their choices keep on shifting.They are open and flexible for everything offered with either their deep positivity or carelessness.


Full and final angle to my debate after pouring my heart out and holding my fiery steeds why not be a little lineant and generous;Offcorse that would not affect the ranking of the article ...hahahahahah :-D

I myself is of the opinion that anything that is actually making me laugh i admire it as medicine.In this world of cruelty...Ahhh ,Alas something if making me out of control happy then i should keep it as my medicine and if off-course coming free of cost.We all are so much burdenised with responsibilties and hardships that a pill of laughter,either from a renowed surce or off-beat offered is a blessing in it's self.



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