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Omg! The Best Timothy Ferris Quote Which Will Help You to Face Your Fears!

Updated on January 17, 2020

Timothy Ferris is famous for his book he 4-Hour Workweek which most people consider (me included) as a must read for anyone on the personal development journey or seeking to face your fears.

His book is among the list of must have personal development books.

I learned more from reading this one book on mindset, planning, regret, and fears than from the years spent in school.

From all these lessons learned from this book there is one quote that has been more impactful to my life in conquering my fears.

Here’s the quote:

“What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do. As success in life can be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations you are willing to have.”

Read the quote again and again until it rings in your mind.

What is fear really? For you it might be something bad that might happen if you try to face the fear. For others fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real.

Whatever your definition of fear is you have to admit that by doing that what you are afraid of leads to more growth than what you expected.

Fear and success are two interconnected entities therefore success cannot happen if fear still dominates your life.

For example the fear of failure, why do you have this fear? The biggest reason is because you lack self-belief and just thinking about this fear therefore not taking action.

You are starting a business or doing a task and you’re afraid of failing and no amount of thought process will make you fail proof. As Timothy Ferris explains you do what you fear therefore perform the task and this makes you uncomfortable because you don’t know what the future is. But this is the way to success.

Just like you I have fears but I realized or learned that being fearful makes you stay in your comfort zone. We all love to be comfortable but that comfort can be the reason why you aren’t attracting success.

Therefore I am telling you to get uncomfortable. No I am not telling you sleep on a rock and give up your soft bed.

What does fear do to anyone; it makes us feel great discomfort. So it’s not a surprise that most people avoid facing and conquering their fears.

If you’re afraid of taking a cold shower, the cold water will make you really uncomfortable therefore you’ll face your fears.

The most comfortable place might not actually be the most ideal place for you. You seek safety and assurance in your comfort zone but sometimes stepping into the unknown can do more good than harm.

Being fearless therefore means that you are happy and accepting of the discomfort. So every time you feel uncomfortable it means that you are doing what you fear.

That can be talking to that girl you like, asking your boss for a raise, or doing that job interview that you know you’re qualified for.

The fears can be something like telling your dad, mom, or family that you love them. This might be an uncomfortable conversation but when you do it and realize that you’re fine. It will be motivating for you that fear isn’t this big bad wolf that will eat you alive.

Forget about thinking that fear will lead to your downfall and that you need to run away from it. You have to face your fears now or forever be paralyzed by it.

Realize that conquering fear is the only path to success and yes it will be uncomfortable.

Therefore listen to what Timothy Ferris has to say and I challenge you to do what you fear.

Face your fears.

Talk soon

-Michael Kamenya


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