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Poems about Candles

Updated on September 24, 2014

Original Poems Inspired by Candles

The flame of a candle is an amazingly inspirational thing. Often, the flame is mystical and its flickering and shape-changing inspire me to write the poems below.

I hope that you enjoy this insight into the realm of Candles via my original poems about candles.


All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) - Reprint with Permission

Candle Poems

Candle Poems

Candle Flame

The subdued light of candle flame

Is difficult to read by

In olden times 'twas all the same

At night for work or lullaby

Today a candle sets the mood

Or gives off a pleasant scent

And still your lady love be wooed

By candle as the poets' meant

Aromatic Candles

Aromatic candles are the rage

For your bedroom or your bath

Vanilla, lavender, berry or sage

When soaking your skin or working on math

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The Candle Burns

The wick is lit, the candle burns

Watch it flicker yellow bright

And there the wayward shadow turns

As it is shaped by arching light

When two tapers are abreast

And close enough to touch

Two flames merge up at air's behest

We wonder at the beauty such

Hot wax at times to earth cascades

A molten flow that hardens soon

Like stringy hair it masquerades

To end in droplets random rune

In olden times the waxen seal

Kept letters closed from prying eyes

But still the candle has appeal

For all its beauty, bright and wise

Copyright 2009 - MyFairLadyah Reprinted from

What a Fiasco

Candle wax dripped on the fiasco

One of those wine bottles with straw

Multi-colored drips were big, you know

When drinking age at 18 was the law

I had a bottle just like that

It was pretty; a cheap dorm decoration

First, we drank the Chianti with éclat

Then lit the candles, our recreation

We played Hearts as wax strings fell

Down the bottle's curvy sides

Till the straw mesh made it gel

Stifling the ribboned waxy tides

It's Never too Late to Melt Candles on a Bottle

Much more poetry awaits at Please Visit!

When Do You Burn Candles?

Mostly, When Do You Burn Candles?

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Thanks for Reading My Candle Poetry

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