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Operation Broken Reed

Updated on September 29, 2014
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The author is an amateur artist and photographer that loves to travel with her husband of 37 years.

What an incredible story, here is my review:

This book was not a book I would normally have chosen to read. It seemed a book that men might like, all about war and secret missions. You see I am normally a fiction reader and this was a true story, written by the man that lived it.

The book was given to me by my husbands Uncle it had sat on my shelf for a few months.

Being an avid reader I waited until I had read all the fiction I had then finally I picked up the book and decided to see if there might be anything of interest in it.

You see I love books about people, their thoughts, feelings, relationships with others. That is what interests me.

I started reading the prologue and almost quit, because it had a lot of facts about the Korean War and the United States agencies back in the 1940's. Much of the prologue had acronyms, which I hate! If you ask me there are just too many acronyms in the world today.

I happened to skim to the first chapter and I am so glad that I did. I saw that this was one mans intimate story of a secret mission he was chosen for that averted World War III. I could tell from the first page it was going to hold my interest, so I went back and read the prologue and tried to absorb as much as I could to help me follow the story.

Let me tell you this book is excellent, it will bring you laughter and tears. It will open your eyes to the thoughts and feelings that go through men during a War. It brings home the equality of each an every man, regardless of their rank during wartime, or even creed or color.

I can not say enough as to how profoundly this book effected my thoughts and feelings, evoking emotions and such admiration for those that choose to fight for their country to protect their children, grandchildren, their country and beliefs.

Lt. Col. Arthur L. Boyd carried this secret for over 50 years of the mission he and nine other men were hand picked to go on because of their individual talents and loyalty to their country. Incredible men that were laid to rest where they fell, with stories made up to their families about how and where they died. A heavy secret Arthur Boyd has carried such a long time, but he honors the memories of these heroes whose mission may have well averted World War III.

This book is full of hero's and everyday men, which you will learn are one in the same.

Lt. Col. Arthur Boyd, thank you!

This book is full of heros and everyday men, which you will learn are one in the same.

Operation Broken Reed - about a secret mission during the Korean War

This is a soldiers story about a secret mission that they did during the Korean War. He had to remain silent about the mission for 50 years and can now tell his story. Compelling and exciting, it made me cry in parts. Great book.

Operation Broken Reed: Truman's Secret North Korean Spy Mission That Averted World War III
Operation Broken Reed: Truman's Secret North Korean Spy Mission That Averted World War III

A book that will change your view of life as a soldier, unless you are a soldier.


Have you read Operation Broken Reed - or are you going to?

Have you read Operation Broken Reed

"that men were all alike and that color has nothing to do with ability, pride, honor, loyalty, and trustworthiness; fear or death either.

Indeed, blood spilled from both the white and the black soldiers was a rich red--exactly the same color."

~Lt. Col. Arthur L. Boyd, Operation Broken Reed

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A news article on Lt. Col. Arthur L. Boyd - Also includes a photo of him

A news article on Lt. Col. Arthur L. Boyd

Normally I choose to use my guest book to thank you, for stopping by. But this time I would like to use this guest book to thank the Soldiers in Peace and wartime that lay their lives on the line for all of us. To honor those that have died in service to their country by never forgetting.

Thank you Lt. Col. Arthur L. Boyd, for the service you gave to your country, and for honoring those that died helping you on this important mission by carrying their memories with you. It must have been a heavy load, and you have honored them deeply with your book!

God Bless each and every one of you!

Thank you!


Thank you!

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      I have Just completed a 37 Minute Video for Arthur Boyd about his account of this mission. He is an amazing man for whom I am eternally grateful. Please email for information on how to view this incredible video.