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Big Bang Meets Creationism

Updated on June 19, 2013

Big Bang Meets Creationism

At “first” there was nothing, or perhaps simply no being to sense anything. Then a profusion of colors no one saw. Then a sound, loud, piercing, deafening, if there had been ears to hear. The nothingness was filled with objects, some hard and huge, some liquid, some gaseous, all flying at untold speeds in all directions, yet never crossing each other’s path. As things started to slow down, different types of matter and non-matter started to cluster, mix, test each other, sometimes mingling, sometimes rejecting the coupling. In at least one instance, enough things merged to create a sentience.

I am.

What is around me? Let me reach, touch, learn…

I seem to be alone. I sense no other vibrations. I want to learn about me.

I sweep to one side, collecting a mix of things. Can I manipulate them? Ah, yes…forms. Round seems to be the nature of things which adhere to each other. I must keep this first object from drifting away. If I place it just so far from that bright object, it will not collide with other objects moving around me.

Let me play with this object for a while. I can fill those dents with the droplets floating around. Other things are starting to form in the unfilled area – green, slimy, textured, as far as I can sense.

Some of the things are moving. If I change them here and there, they become separate kinds of beings. They are feeding on the still objects – and each other. They make more of themselves as well. I wonder if they think? They make sounds, but I don’t understand them.

Let me see if I can manipulate one of these beings so we could communicate…doesn’t seem to want to…perhaps if I remove some of its features it would need me…

I am removing its fur and shortening its forelegs. I must work on an audible way for it to contact me…voice box. It’s speaking to me. It seems awed when I speak back; I can’t get its ears adjusted to hear me and still hear the other beings. I will speak to it, but I must whisper…

It thinks! I will make it another; perhaps they will multiply like the other beings.

Success. They are making more of themselves. They communicate with me, tell me what they want. I don’t always get it just the way they want it; I am too learning how to use my facilities.

They argue with me and do things I don’t like. I created this toy, and they are taking it over. I have lost control of them, and I think they will kill my earlier beings.

As I look at this first experiment, testing my abilities, I see that I am growing, and I’ve made some mistakes. I need to move to another place and start again. They seem to be doing fine by themselves.

I’ll have to try again when I’m more developed…

COPYRIGHTÓ 2013: BONNIE-JEAN ROHNER. All rights reserved. This text cannot be reproduced in whole or part without written permission of the author.

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    • profile image

      Marilu 3 years ago

      Tip top stffu. I'll expect more now.

    • Bonnie-Jean Rohne profile image

      Bonnie-Jean Rohner 3 years ago from Williamson, New York

      LOL! These odd sci-fi ideas roll around my head all the time. It's hard to put them into words, so I appreciate that someone understands!

    • profile image

      Wilhelmina 3 years ago

      If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I'd say "Kwunboaga, dude!"

    • profile image

      Louisa 3 years ago

      You write so hosnltey about this. Thanks for sharing!