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Participating in Online Forums to Increase Readership for your Articles

Updated on December 26, 2013


**One of the major ways to increase readership for your article is to participate on the article directory's forum. Answering questions appropriately is a great way to build your credibility and brand yourself in your area of expertise. Remember that article directories are also social networks. The more active you are on the network and engaging your audience in lively conversations; the more you have followers or find people who share similar views and interest. The more you are therefore able to build a strong fan base and subscribers for your articles.

How to participate on the directory forums

*Readers can judge a writer’s credibility based on the answers he or she gives in relation to a particular topic. In order to give credible and satisfactory answers to your readers, it’s only necessary that you know much about the topic. You should also search for questions on the directory which you know about and possibly have articles on. By answering these questions you would also be bringing the attention of potential readers to your published articles. You should educate yourself more on the topic that you write about so that you can have the answers to questions bothering people’s minds about the topic. Knowing much about the topic also helps one to know how the manner in which to give your answers. Reading more about your topic gives you the confidence to write more. It also helps to increase your subscribers as your confidence is always reflected in your way of description. Readers can always sense this when they read your content.

Advantages of participating in online forums

Participating in the directory discussions is a way to get discovered by readers and increase your subscribers on the article platform. . When you are able to give informative and interesting answers to the questions potential readers you in order to keep in touch and readily have access to your subsequent interesting articles.

Knowing about your topic

*Try and answer questions on topics that you know about or have tons of experience in. When you answer questions on an area that is your specialty or which you know much about - you will be able to confidently give the correct and appropriate answer to questions from your target readers. It also makes it easier for you to converse in the forums with other experts or people or even readers who might have some level of knowledge and experience on the topic.

You will be able to engage your audience in a lively forum that can even add text to the content you already have and hence increase the search engine ranking of your content.

Advantages of participating in online forums2

When you participate in online forums, it helps you to know your readers very well and design concepts or articles that suit their exact taste. You will know the sort of discussions they are likely to share with their friends. [You must understand that your readers aren’t always people who are naïve about the topic or discussion. You will definitely have people who are also experts in the area of discussions. Participating in the directory forum helps you to learn from other experts. You are exposed to new ideas and patterns of thought that you can fuse into your own to make your articles more interesting and to make the page rank higher. You also gain more ideas to support your assertions as well as confirm and correct your own thoughts. This goes on to boost your confidence as a professional writer.

Taking advantage of online forums

When you participate in online forums, you get the opportunity to also add links to your answers that can lead potential readers to your other interesting articles. When adding URL links to your content, try as much as possible to attach links that will only lead readers to a page that relates to their question or the article page that gives a details of your answer and which answers their questions further. This also makes it clear why it’s necessary to answer questions which relate to areas of your expertise or that which you have articles written on.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.

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