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Pen Pal 1

Updated on July 2, 2020

'You bastard,' I hissed.

'Babe, please it's not what it looks like.' Erik quickly stood up.

'You bastard,' the girl, I found in his bed with say, slapping him across the face.

'Don't bother calling. We're done.' I turned and ran out of the door.

I jumped in my car as quick as I could and took off. I didn't go home. I refused to. Because I didn't know if he would come around. And I didn't want to see him, ever again. I couldn't believe the bastard. I gave that asshole six months of my life. Six Damn months.

I knew why he did it. It was because I wouldn't give him what he wanted. He had pestered me since the beginning of our relationship to have sex with him and I wouldn't. I'm not exactly sure why I didn't. But I, as much as I was pissed off, I was glad that I didn't give him my virginity. Which I had been thinking about doing soon.

It's what happens when you date someone older than you.

I clenched the steering wheel as hard as I could. I was so mad. So hurt. I didn't want to go back to my place. You probably wondering why I live alone. It's because my parents died in a car accident. I have an older brother, but there was no way I wanted to stay with him. He liked to party and get home late. Probably had a different girl each night. And there was no way I could concentrate with that. So we agreed that I would get a apartment close by.

Close by meant it was about a five minutes walk.

When I stopped I didn't realise that I stopped in front of my brother's apartment. I didn't want to go home, so I decided that I would go inside my brother's place. I have my own key, so I just helped myself.

The first thing I did was raid the fridge. There wasn't much. So I pulled out a tub of ice cream and then I grabbed a spoon and made my way to the lounge. I then began to pig out on double chocolate chip ice cream, while I let the tears fall down my cheek. They were mostly because I was pissed off. But a percentage of it was because I was sad. I wasn't exactly heartbroken. Because I didn't love him. Though I learnt to care for him a fair deal. Only because I was still in love with my ex boyfriend. Which I will talk about him later.

I couldn't say how long it was. But, I heard the door open. Then when I looked up, it was my brother's best friend. One of two. He lives here too. So when he saw me crying on the lounge, he quickly shut the door and rushed over to me. He then sits on the lounge and wraps his arm around me and pulls me to him.

'What's happened?' He held me tighter.

I loved my brother's best friend. Not as in love. It was because he had been in our family since they were in grade one together. So I had known him all my life. So we had a close bond too. And sometimes when my brother wasn't here, I would go to my brother's friend. I suppose I should tell you his name. His name is Darius.

'I found the asshole in bed with someone else. And he has the nerve to say, Babe, it's not what it looks like. I should have punched him.' I say, angrily wiping my tears.

'I could kick his ass.'

'No you won't. You know what he's like. He'll get you arrested. And he's not worth it. Promise me.' I say looking him in the eyes.

' Ok. Just for you. But if he hurts you again. He's gone.'

'Ok.' I smiled, then rested my head on his shoulders.

For the longest time, Darius just held me. It was nice. It was comforting.

'Do you want a drink?' He asks.

'I could do with one.' I say, sitting up.

'Then follow me.' Darius hops up and makes his way into the kitchen.

So I get up and make myself comfortable at the table. I watched as he walked over to the cupboard and pulled out a bottle of vodka. Then he moved over to the draws and pulled out two cups. Then he sits next to me, pouring us both a drink. I made Darius laugh, because he started counting, but before he reached two, I had already threw the drink down my throat.

'I have a feeling, you've done this before,' He says when he recovers.

'Maybe, once or twice.' I grin. 'Don't tell Simon. He'll most likely kill me.'

'And I won't?' He smirked.

'I know you're not. Because, you wouldn't be offering me a drink now. Now pour me another.'

'Yes, miss,' He saluted with a smirk.

This time, I tapped my glass with his, then we both threw our drinks down at the same time. We then kept drinking. I was on to my fifth, straight vodka when it was just started to affect me.

'I do like a girl who can handle her drink.' Darius says.

'And I like a guy, who knows how to pour them.' I say.

With that we keep drinking. And slowly the images of seeing my now ex boyfriend in bed with someone else, was disappearing.


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