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Phoenix of Wisdom

Updated on November 19, 2014

Wisdom of my life so far..

I grew up in a time when man kind itself was changing..As a kid I went outside and played.. I wrote letter's when I wanted ta talk to someone far away..I used my word's to defend myself and my fist as a last resort only..I made life time friend's..some was lost for along time.As a teen man kind was depending on computer's more and more every year.. then it seems in the late 1990's technology was almost every the turn of the centery it went viral and was every where.. man kind had become dependant on technology.. which did make alot of things better.. I can't lie. you could say I got the best of both of world's..then...In my 20's I was a mother of twin's and prego.. with my 3rd son.. blessed I was to have 3 health boy's.. Sadden for the world I brought them into..for what their generation will have to endor in the future... but Men they will be raised.. unfortunally they will be the last generation to have the plesure's of both the old school way's and the future of technology.. This will not be a free U.S.A. any more. The goverment will know everything and controll everything.. sad thing is you the people gave our freedom's willing out of fear of war that our goverment made happen.. I will not go so willing.. I will go down fighting for our freedom's... Now I'm 33 and my kid's our teen's.. I still fight for their freedom..

Something's have changed.. Due to the fact of lack of care in the medical field. when I was a kid.. A serious thing was missed in my life.. One that should've took me many time's from this world..not becouse I didn't do my part but becouse I was unaware of the situation.. one that they say I will never have kid's of my own.. but i have 3 wonderful young men plus 3 blessing that I didnt give birth to but they are mine.The doc's alway's are so surprised to find out I was prego 2 time's..They say I've never been a health person.. but becouse of lack of care is why I'm where I am with my health today.. It's hard to hear that you've never been healthy.. when that's all not only me but other's seen too;that I lived a active healthy life.. Knowing I could've slipped into a diabetic coma any moment last winter,and have the doc's stumpted to why you are still talking and walking on your own power with 800+ blood sugar levels.. litterly running around like chicken's with their head's cut off..not knowing what to do.. is alittle disturbing.. but having my kid's watch me like this and never knowing if I'll wake up is two of the hardest thing's about it all..

#1 hardest thing is knowing I will brake my friend's and familie's heart's one day sooner then expected.. Know tho I'm not ready ta go just yet.. I will be here for a long time.. no I'm not living to die.. I'm living life like I alway have.. To it's fullest everyday... I'm not scared tho.. but prepared I am.. but at the same time it's my body a vessal only;that passes not me.. becouse what made me will still be alive very much so all around you.. They say god call's you home once your mission here is done... but before you go if you did it right I believe.. you get everything you've earned... like a fairytail ending you could say..

Trick is being able to see it and grab it.. once you do get it hold on tight and give it your all.. cuz really your fairytail ending is what you make it.. so surround your self in positive energy and throw away the negativness..for you are the only one that can.. the past is the past and nothing you do today will change it.. so deal with it and then put it away for you have you whole furture infront of you.. with endless possiabilitie's.... As I tell my kids TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY.. AND NEW CHANCE'S TO BE BETTER THEN THE DAY BEFORE....

I believe that angel's walk among us... they are here to teach and learn as well.. so that they may beable to help other's better next time they are never know who they are.. they could be anyone and any where... your cousin, best friend, that stranger walking down the road, or your lov of your life.. if you look close you just might see them shine... if you have one in your life.. keep them close because these angel's don't stay long on this world.. but they do makea hug impack on your life.. They say the good die young.. The young and good who died are these angel's and it was time for them to go home..


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