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Inspirational Poetry: Poem about Being Optimistic and Looking to the Future

Updated on January 23, 2013

Every Day is a New Day

Every day is a new day,

A chance to see my dreams

In a passionate light,

Just like the first time.

Every day is a new day,

A chance to view the world

Through newly opened eyes

And see all that

I was blind to before.

The snow falls

And covers dark moments

With its bright white,

Like a light of hope,

Blanketing out the footsteps

Of the past, if only

For a moment.

Still, a moment is enough

For new thoughts to

Take root,

To be carried through

Into another day

Like a bloom

Of inspiration.

Every day is a new day,

A chance to play a song

With an upbeat rhythm

And forget the slows of yesterday,

To find a groove; a wider smile,

To dance with new moves

And discover an abandon

That was never there before.

Every day is a chance to

Be alive again,

To embrace the music of today

And tomorrow

With excitement and wonder

And an open heart -

The strings of

Optimism and truth

Every day is a new day,

A chance to bury habits

In a box,

Or better still

Throw them to the sea

And watch them float away,

While new ways ebb

At my feet

Like waves of change

And promise.

Waves are as transient

As tears,

Forever moving

Like every moment of life -

Gone, as soon as it appears,

Kept alive

Only in memory

Every day is a new day -

Whatever has gone before

Must stay behind.

Not everything belongs

In the future.

The melancholy moon

Disappears with the sunrise -

A symbol of

New beginnings.

We should start everyday

That way,

Shedding the old and outgrown,

Unwanted skin, worn out.

The heavy burden

Of my own mind

Pulls me down

Like a chain -

Without its weight

I am free to soar,

To go anywhere,

Do anything,

Be anybody I choose.

It is only I who

Puts on the brakes

Too easily.

Don't brake on the bends

In the rain,

It is better to


So as not to slide

Right off the track.

I must grip the road

And keep driving forwards

With my eyes ahead.

No need for reverse,

It will only lead me

To places I have already been.

The world is a wondrous place

With so many hidden avenues

Not yet explored.

I am ready to put my foot down,

To feel the wind

Against my face,

I am ready for a new day.


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