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Poem about the School Run - Getting the Kids to School on Time

Updated on May 22, 2013

About This Poem

I wrote this poem in about ten minutes, following a very frazzled morning spent getting my son out of the door and to school on time. As many a parent will know, the morning school run can, at times, seem like momentous challenge, especially when young children have no concept of the actual time and think there are much better things to be doing. My son does like school, but leaving the house on time can sometimes be difficult! It is meant in a light-hearted way and is based on my five year old's behaviour on the day I wrote it - but, of course, it will probably feel familiar to many other parents as well.

The School Run

I don't feel calm

When he doesn't want his breakfast

Until later on

And the time is ticking by

Laughing at me.

I don't feel calm

When the TV draws him in

As though there is all the time in the world -

It's not Sunday morning.

I don't feel calm

When he won't wear the blue trousers

And he has to find a different pair

That are red instead

And he wants to take a cuddly fruit to school

When the teacher doesn't like it.

I don't feel calm

When it's time to brush his teeth

And he hides in the duvet giggling

Like a game of hide-and-seek

And we should have left the house


I don't feel calm

When nothing can be found -

Water bottle, books, little socks

Even shoes

When they were all here yesterday -

Is someone playing a trick?

I don't feel calm

When he wants to play football

Like Lionel Messi, in the garden

And it's ten to nine

Then insists on keeping the muddy ball

On the sofa, indoors.

I don't feel calm

When he says his cycle helmet is wrong

And he has to take if off and put it on again

And take it off, then put it on again

And on top of that

His older brother has forgotten his key

And traffic lights hold us up all the way.

Oh well

There's always tomorrow -

Keep smiling.


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    • Polly C profile image

      Polly C 4 years ago from UK

      Hi jemoon - thank you for reading and commenting, the poem is just a bit of fun designed to make light of the morning chaos when we are trying to get everyone out of the house on time! It's one of my least serious poems. Thanks for stopping by :)

    • jemoon profile image

      jemoon 4 years ago

      Don't rush your tomorrows, love the time you have with them, and remain calm, they are learning to make choices, gently guide those choices