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Poem: Another Day

Updated on January 7, 2015

I found this in my stuff, I wrote it over 20 years ago. A little tattered and worn, but it sure brings back memories. So far away and separated, the days seem to go by so slow, longing for the day we'd be together again.

Another Day

Time passes through the day,

A never ending moment.

Things don't seem to change.

Not the sun or the passing rays.

From the coolness before the rising sun,

To the overwhelming heat of a long days run.

As time passes, the sun begins to set.

Another day gone by, with more to conquer, yet.


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  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

    You are lucky as is he to have a loving wife and daughter.

  • Abecedarian profile image

    Abecedarian 7 years ago from These United States, Texas

    Thank You, peggy w. and yes it did, he carried that and a picture of our daughter who was 2 1/2 at the time. He actually still carries her picture in his wallet. He's a good man.

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

    So glad that he came back to you safely from Iraq. It obviously meant a lot to him if he carried it with him all those years.

  • profile image

    jof155 7 years ago