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Love - Hate Poem

Updated on February 4, 2017

Love - Hate: A Poem about Two Powerful Feelings

By: Yollie Bunag

Aloha! Love and Hate are two different, contrasting yet powerful feelings. At times, we feel these mixed emotions both at the same time making us confused as to what feeling should overcome the other. This is a poem describing these mixed feelings that to most of us, have felt at one time or another.

LOVE and HATE can occur in a lovers' journey; choosing LOVE and discarding any hatred makes their relationship the more settled, stable and much stronger that's capable of overcoming trials and tests.

Our Lord teaches us to love, for LOVE conquers all and does not find fault or seek to blame...LOVE is the greatest virtue of all! Have you experienced Love and Hate at the same time?

Love, Hate, Love, Hate...

Strange feelings shared by all creatures...

Creeping in one's life unannounced...

Perplexity stirs in one's emotion...

Asking thyself, why do I feel this way?

As I hear the raindrops falling

A beautiful feeling dances within me

You face is like a wonderful vision

That follows me all around

Ahh, I guess this is what they call LOVE

The most beautiful word ever created

Yet, it is the strangest emotion of them all

That changes one's life forever

Before, there was silence in my life

For my heart has never been disturb

Until I met this wonderful creature

That made my heart summersault with joy!!!

A glimpse of you brings music to my heart

Wanting to dance with you at all times

Yet you turn your sight away from me

Now, another emotion started to build in me

As I see you walking hand in hand with another

Tears kept flowing from my eyes forever

For I know absurdity it may sound to you

My world crumbled right before my eyes

Is it fair for my heart to feel this way?

Or it's part of one's creation to succumb to these?

What then would I do as I asked myself

My world had stopped to turn as I HATE you now

I wanted to run away from this feeling

For it brings emptiness into my life

Yet it's like a disease that follows you around

Unwelcome, but it will turn you upside down

I thought that running to a higher ground

Would keep me safe from this feeling

Nowhere to go, nowhere to run

Wanted to disappear in oblivion

Somehow, somewhere, life will turn around for me

For I know that someone special would come into my life

Still remembering that God created me for a purpose

Waiting for my destiny as I look forward to the future

Love, hate, love, hate....

Two strange words interlock one another

So beware and always be on guard

For they might be right besides you the spice of life

By Yollie M. Bunag

(C) Copyright Reserved


"Happy are those who are in love... hopes for those who are not"

By: Yollie M. Bunag

Have you Experience Love & Hate Emotions about a Certain Person?

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    • profile image

      BeautifulAlise 6 years ago

      I so much understand what you are talking about. I don't think it's a healthy relationships still they exist...

      Here some more poems on that subject: love poems