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Poems From From the Jersey Shore 10 - Odds and Ends

Updated on June 2, 2020
whittwrites profile image

Tim is a freelance writer, poet, artist and storyteller. He always tries to find and include lessons for everyone in his writing.

Here we write again

I never meant for this to turn into a series but I just enjoy writing of all kinds. As always some of the poems are from prompts, others are my take on classics and some are just of the top of my head or free verse poems. I hope you enjoy them.

I also wanted to note I am not a classically trained poet or writer. I just sit at my lap top here at the beach in New Jersey and type away.

Oh yes, greetings from NJ And stay safe.

“Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.”

— Allen Ginsburg

My Foots Asleep

My foot fell asleep

What am I going to do?

Stomp it, wiggle it

Jiggle it all around

Maybe walk it awake

And If that doesn’t work

I have a different plan

I’ll rub it, stub it

Bounce it on a stool

Maybe give it a whack

Or maybe I’ll just

Let it go

Until it wants to wake

On it’s own


As the world goes

So do you

Afraid to stand as one

Afraid to be alone

If your friends

Only knew

Who you belong to

They might

Turn their backs

On you

And walk away

Walk away

So you remain


Blend right in

It’s wrong

What you’re doin’

Pray at night

God forgive my


As the world goes

So do you

Afraid to stand as one

Afraid to be alone

Learn a lesson

You friends

Will remain

If their frienships


So tell them

Right now, won’t you

God gives you

Words to use


for moses it started out

just like any other day

tending the father in laws sheep

going his merry way

when he saw a burning bush

that caught his eye

it wasn’t being burned up

he didn’t know why

was at that moment he heard

god calling his name

moses, moses it is me

the lord, the great i am,

moses listened intently

only argured a time or two

but in the end he agreed

to do what god asked him to

got his brother aaron

set off for egyptian land

the staff of god he carried

in his hand

he told that ole pharoah

you must let my people go

pharaoh answered him

i don't think so

god sent the plagues

laid waste to the land

pharaoh finally said get out

get out as fast as you can

moses took his people

wandered out into sand

it took them 40 years

to reach the promised land

they had a few setbacks

as they traveled their path

grumbling about their food

they made a golden calf

god punished the people for

all their unfaithful ways

even moses erred in judgement

in the words he did say

moses saw the promised land

but only from afar

then god laid him to rest

his journey was done,

A poem which grew from the Green Acres theme song.

Winter or Summer

Winter is the best season for me

The ski slope is the place to be

Snow allows me to slip and slide

Keep the summer, I’ll take the winter time

No, the summer is best season to play

On The beach I like to spend my days

Working on getting a great suntan

Dear I love you, but give me sun and sand.

Nice fire in the lodge

Warm sun on my bod

The crisp Mountain air

Warm breeze in my hair

It might take some time

But when we finally decide

Vacation we are there

Netflix - A Sort of Tanka Poem

I really must say

In the last couple of months

I am addicted to Netflix

In this new normal

I watch Netflix day and night

My Dog Blue

I’ve got a dog named Blue

Really not much of dog

If you know what I mean

He’s part mutt and mangy

But I love him anyway

Blue, Blue you don’t roll over

You don’t sit or beg

You barely lift you head

Up off the couch

You’re just the dog for me

I’ve got a dog named Blue

Really not much of a dog

If you know what I mean

He loves to sleep and snore

Almost all of the day

Blue, Blue you don’t roll over

You don’t sit or beg

You barely get up off

The couch

You’re just the dog for me

Peach - A Didactic Cinquain


Ripe, Fuzzy

Juicy, Tasty


Ever so delicious


Notes From the Jersey Shore

For those who read these poems from week to week...Thank You. If you are new to reading Poems from the Jersey Shore...Welcome. It is both fun and challenging to come up with new poems each week but I love the challenge. If you have any suggestions for future poems like always put them in the comments section. Until next time, stay safe

© 2020 Timothy Whitt


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