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Poems about Work and the Office

Updated on September 12, 2014

Poems about Work and the Office

The office environment can be an inspiring place to get ideas for writing.

Here are some of my funny and original poems about working in an office. The poems represent scenes from a typical day at the office.

I also have a few suggestions for office related poems by other writers.


All Poetry Copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) - Reprint with Permission

Poems for a Day at the Office

Water Cooler Chat

The water cooler chat

Is where the gossip's at

Too bad for the boss

This quarter took a loss

And Mary in accounting?

Now there's a crisis mounting

Yeah for our softball team

They're better than they seem

Come this year's election

Let's make a new selection

Joe made a client presentation

But we gotta do the implementation

Here come the pink slips

Shhh, loose lips sink ships

Poems about the Office (or Poems to be Read on a Lunch Break)

The Office is a Place

The office is a place

For many nine to five

Working face to face

To help a business thrive

They do their assigned tasks

And take a business lunch

When upper management asks

They're ready for a crunch

On Cubies (aka I Used to Be An Engineer)

I used to be an engineer

Who worked inside a cubie

Unfortunately I could hear

The phone calls of the newbie

I longed to have a private space

With windows to look out of

But I left that office place

To build a business out of love

The Shredder in the Corner

The new shredder in the corner

Stands waiting just for me

To purge the stacks of papers

So my space can then be free

It has sharp cross cut blades

Which are eager to devour

Old tax forms, bills, receipts

That will take many an hour

Fifteen boxes at least are piled

With records never needed

It's time to get the hard work done

So space can be redeeded

Sheaves of paper into the slot

Between the rolling metal teeth

Staples, cd disks, credit cards too

Accepted to fall in shreds beneath

I can walk round the store room now

Feels good to finally settle those years

A shame the shreds go in the trash

They say it clogs the recycler's gears

Purging Down the Papers

Purging down the papers I've kept for years

Mostly old receipts, correspondence, such

Catalogs for things not needed; switching gears

I hold on to the most ridiculous too much

After a few hours, I'm tired; the trash is full

And the shredder box is waiting for more

Boxes of out-dated travel pamphlets pull

Enticing me to cut them to the core

Look at Her Now

She started here 10 years ago

Sorting mail 8 floors below

Where she would end she didn't know

Look at her now ... The CEO

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Thanks for Reading My Poems about the Office

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