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Chivs86 Poetry-owls,bats-mice and rats.

Updated on May 27, 2014

Chivs86 Poetry / Lyrics - Owls, Bats, Mice and Rats

Owls and B, Bats, Mice and Rats
I slept in a house last night that had -

Insects crawling over my skin
cos it got too cold to sleep on the park bench

Which I know does not make a lot of sense
but I'd spent the last few nights on the drink
and got into a big fight
with my friends
with my family
and what they said is...

that they didn't want to see me like this
so next thing I did is climbed over the fence

where the Baldock Snooker Club used to be
and it was so sick
it was s-sick
the house that we had was now infested
with Owls and B-Bats, Mice and Rats
Roaches and Flies, Frogs and Toads
the pub we drunk at had got a bit gross

But it didn't stop me NO!
and even though
the tramp who lived there told me to go
I said N-NO!
and I pushed him down the stairs
when he got close

Which seemed like a dream
(I was out of my skull)
because I couldn't see him
when I looked down below

Until I went downstairs to see if he was O...
...K but he was a ghost
he become a ghost
that I see the next morning
eating toast!

and this is what my psychiatrist was told
Well he must of thought
it was one big joke
for what I said to him whilst I was mad
I see Owls, and B-Bats, Mice and Rats
I see...

Owls and B-Bats, Mice and Rats
drunk as skunk
high on lighter gas
is what I sat there chatting to him
whilst I was mad
I see Owls and B-Bats
and I killed a tramp

I see Owls and B-Bats, mice and rats
when I slept in that public house
we once had

Idea & Inspiration

Basically my idea and inspiration for this poem go hand and with each other. It was October 2011 and the fair was in town. I was drinking a lot then but it must have been the next day - I just carried on as I checked my bank and I had money. I went home that night - woke up in the morning and went straight out and carried on drinking more. A long story short I didn't want to see anybody - I was wandering about and come night time I ended up sleeping in a derelict pub (the former Kingsleys Snooker Club).

I must have bought 8 beers,10 cigarettes and a lighter to see me through the night. It was a strange experience - I probably shouldn't admit this but I found an old dirty quilt inside - and I spent the night just trying to keep warm - I had my mp3 player - so had that to stop me getting bored but in a nut shell I was sucking the gas out of my lighter and it was making me see and hear things. I was admitted to hospital the next day and this is where I came up with the idea about a creepy old derelict house full of rodents, bats, owls etc.


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