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Updated on April 1, 2010


It is twilight zone in Croatia.. very soon here will be elections for President, so we are in the middle of political circus called presidential election campaigns.

I do not need to explain you anything - you know it all - campaigns are same everywhere in the world, just emotional intensity of speeches and paroles used in campaigns vary from period to period, from place to place and from person to person. The winners are that ones who can the best convince the people in what they are selling them, or that ones who the best manipulate with votes.

In this Hub I will not tell you anything about our candidates for President, just will mention that I am very scared of one of them, he looks like invader from other planet (David Icke would tell he is reptilian), so I do not watch TV too often, completely afraid that his face could suddenly pop up from the TV screen...

This time I definitely decided that I will not listen their speeches and promises because I am sure that they cannot keep them. Economical situation is so complicated that is actually not possible to do anything significantly in one short human life. I do not want to get emotional involved and be disappointed afterwards. Instead of that, I decided something else. I am fed up of being afraid of various politicians (who look like greedy reptilians), and only way to do something is to get involved in the politic personally. My decision is -

my boyfriend has to be next president of Croatia, so we started to prepare ourselves and especially him for the next elections coming in 4 years. BTW, I do not want to be presidential candidate, I prefer to be "First Lady" - and influence diplomacy and politic from the shadow.

Well - we have enough time to get prepared - we just need set of good speeches and good paroles which would motivate people to vote for us (for Dean, actually). In our age we are mature enough that we understand that POLITIC IS BASED ON PROMISSES.

POLITIC CAMPAIGNES are set of promises which candidates never intent to keep, so we just need to figure out what to promise people - what would they buy for sure. At this moment, we are pretty sure that we must promise the following:

  • big prosperity of economy
  • jobs for all
  • free education for all
  • better and free social and medical care
  • no corruption in government
  • brighter future for all
  • revision of the process of privatisation ( all countries in "transition" from socialism to capitalism experienced that minority robbed majority much more quickly then any of you can imagine, so some people here still hope that this process can be reversed)

Of course we will not be able to keep these promises at all : economical situation here is so complicated that in 4 years we cannot actually do much. But if we would be honest to the people, they would never vote for us. So we must lie. People need HOPE, NOT THE TRUTH.


Croats on Moon
Croats on Moon


As soon as my boyfriend becomes President and me First Lady of Croatia, we will find few good excuses why we cannot realize promises given in campaign like:

  • global recession
  • other sudden priorities - some new virus or something like that
  • if needed, we will find some "enemy of the nation" on that will people focus, so they will not remember to ask us "why we still did not employ all people with wages higher then anywhere else in the world".

Well, we cannot feed people only with negativity, otherwise they would not be active when needed. But we need to keep their minds occupied with something - all the time, so we will do our best to entertain them in their free time:

  • we plan to significantly improve TV programs so this can entertain people and also remove their focus from political issues
  • we plan organizing much more football games and in connection with that, much more marketing of beer (when people are drunk and focused on football, they cannot think about politic)
  • all tranquilizers will be always free (covered by insurance). While under the strong tranquilizers people cannot think clearly.
  • we will motivate them to volunteer in humanitarian actions to open their hearts for others. While helping the poor ones, they will not have time to look at what we are doing.

Wow, did I miss something? Everything up till now sounds so familiar. All these is already invented and we all watch it every day....Our plansĀ are not original at all !!! Never mind, from the time of Roman Empire we learned that people need two things to be (at least temporary) content: BREAD AND CIRCUSES. If we cannot give them bread, circuses will do.



Pula,Croatia, old Roman Amphitheater from 1st century
Pula,Croatia, old Roman Amphitheater from 1st century

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