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ProjectLibre Tutorial Review

Updated on November 2, 2013

A Popular Title Is Now Available

ProjectLibre Tutorial is the new Amazon Kindle title that has been in demand for some time. ProjectLibre is the free open source project tracking application that takes over from the earlier OpenProj application. This tool has features that rival those found in commercial applications that cost many hundreds of dollars per workstation. Many people download the ProjectLibre tool but find it somewhat difficult to use. Luckily, the ProjectLibre Tutorial book provides an easy way for new users to learn how to use the application. Topics that make sense are shown, in the order that new users need.

The publication, "ProjectLibre Tutorial", provides an introduction to project management and to the ProjectLibre tracking application. It describes how to actually use the software. Readers can get a quick start by reading this publication. The author has also published the ProjectLibre User Guide Reference Manual which is available separately. The ProjectLibre Tutorial complements that publication, especially for new project managers. By using a style that combines descriptive text with actual screen images taken from a working application, the book guides the reader through the project management process.

Readers of ProjectLibre Tutorial can install their own copy of the application. This allows them to perform the tutorial steps in the sequence displayed by the book. Actual results obtained by the reader can be compared to the results shown in the book. Each step is then easily learned by the reader since they have instant verification of their actions.

Amazon ProjectLibre Titles - ProjectLibre Tutorial, Reference Manual and More

How to Build a Project Plan With ProjectLibre (ProjectLibre User Reference Book 4)
How to Build a Project Plan With ProjectLibre (ProjectLibre User Reference Book 4)

This is a simple, inexpensive guide that helps you learn how to use ProjectLibre quickly. It covers the essentials.

ProjectLibre User Guide Reference Manual
ProjectLibre User Guide Reference Manual

This is a comprehensive manual that provides a full description of all available ProjectLibre features. It is perfect for those who would like a complete tour of the product features. Suitable for all, including new project managers.

ProjectLibre - The Open Source Project Management Application (ProjectLibre User Reference Book 1)
ProjectLibre - The Open Source Project Management Application (ProjectLibre User Reference Book 1)

This is an intermediate reference book that covers a range of available features. Readers will be able to quickly learn how to use ProjectLibre.

A Simple Project Plan For ProjectLibre (ProjectLibre User Reference Book 2)
A Simple Project Plan For ProjectLibre (ProjectLibre User Reference Book 2)

This is a guide for experienced project managers who want to see ProjectLibre in action. It illustrates general concepts which can be applied to any project plan.

ProjectLibre Tutorial
ProjectLibre Tutorial

This is a book which covers ProjectLibre as it applies to project management. It contains descriptions of available features, project management theory, user exercises and more. Readers will quickly learn how to use ProjectLibre to improve their project tracking skills.


ProjectLibre Tutorial Topics

The topics presented in the ProjectLibre Tutorial as comprehensive enough to give those new to project management a good feel for ProjectLibre. The major functions are shown and clearly illustrated. Some readers may complete the ProjectLibre Tutorial ebook and want to extend their knowledge. The publication "ProjectLibre User Guide Reference Manual" can be used for those who want a much more thorough study of the project tracking application.

The ProjectLibre Tutorial has been a popular ebook for many project managers. It has been purchased and downloaded by many around the world. Since it is written in English, it is most popular in North America and the United Kingdom, of course. It has also been viewed by people in France, Italy, Germany, Japan and more countries. ProjectLibre is in use in virtually every country. The tutorial is helping many of these people learn how to use the application.

ProjectLibre Table of Contents
ProjectLibre Table of Contents

ProjectLibre Tutorial

Table of Contents

The ProjectLibre Tutorial table of contents lists a number of topics which will be of great interest to readers. First the publication introduces the application and shows how it can be installed, what the operational environment is like and describes compatibility with other task track applications. It then provides a short introduction to project management. It is important for readers to understand the basics of tasks, milestones, team work assignments and more. It is not necessary for readers to be formal project managers but this section provides a listing of the minimum you need to know about the field.

Next, the ProjectLibre Tutorial describes how to start managing a project. The creation of the project file is documented. The book then shows how to add resources and tasks to the file. With each of these areas covered, the book moves to work assignments.

For added learning opportunities, the book contains a series of exercises that readers may perform with their own copy of the application. These exercises help to reinforce the concepts which are vital to the use of ProjectLibre. They are not difficult and the book does show the expected result, giving readers an opportunity to ensure that they have mastered how to use ProjectLibre.

Reporting of project details is also covered in this book. A number of standard reports and informational screens is available within the application. These may be useful when project managers need to present information to status meetings or when progress reports must be created for senior management. Various reports are shown, in detail, for the benefit of the reader.

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