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Prophetic Poetry

Updated on May 20, 2012

The Fire Inside - assorted Poems and writings

these poems are dedicated to

He who was here, before all of us

the word

"look unto me and you will be saved, all of you, the ends of the earth, for i am Jah and there is no one else."

isaiah - 45:22


everywhere i go i see different faces

all staring out of desperate faces

they are always calling out to me

tell us , where is the prince of peace

give us the prince of peace

everywhere i go i see different people

always looking so weak and feeble

always crying out to me

we need the prince of peace

give us the prince of peace

he tells you what to do to turn the tables

no legend myth or fable

but the prince of peace, our savour, jeshuah mescheachah

jesus of nazareth

from the christian bible comes some news: Mathew 3:1

you must change your hearts - for the kingdom of heaven is apon us

make ready the way of the lord

the crooked paths will be made straight

the rough places will be levelled

the stones will be removed

change your ways

change your life

mathew 10:34

the prince of peace comes to bring division

read it


The big black cloud is getting closer now

and the distant rumble louder

people stare, with disbelieving eyes

what went wrong? they wonder

I might have known they say

never could trust 'em

and as the cloud comes nearer

they flee

whereto? anyones guess

they dont know

the storm breaks, to late for some

from wealth to poverty in the downpour

todays life , todays world

gone forever in a flash

dissolved into destruction

deemed to devastation

perfect annihalation

for a nuclear war is not a good thing


Three cheers for the unknown warrior

lying in his grave

three cheers for his fight for freedom

his sacrifice not in vain

shed a tear for the unknown soldier

valiant on his day

never fear for that lonely fighter

dont even know his name

his SOUL will be enlightened


Our Rivers

Dead fish sing a mute lullaby

a testimony to a poisoned age

an environment of forgotten days gone by

of fresh air and vitality

whispering trees by sunny brooks

and children singing in crystal water

now turned dark by factory excrement

profits and sterile productions

of unnatural effluents

that took away the feelings of days long past

only to be replaced by

dead fish singing a mute lullaby

testimony to this decayed and polluted world

environmental degradation

unless rescued by the steward-ship of our past

the covenant of man

a contract of utmost conviction

to recompense the earth with care and attention

a legacy left to our descendants

the river of life determined

by the cries of singing children

immersed in crystal water

Book Cover for the Fire Inside,
Book Cover for the Fire Inside,

The Volcano

Billows clouds of ash, clouds of smoke

molten erth, flowing lava

a mere rehersal

setting the scene for the final curtain call

a drama unfolding

for the spectators of the earth

a reminder of just things to come

groaning in protest to man

from the earth, a warning perhaps?

of imbalance in our lands

dust and smoke, a sign post of destruction

prophecies to see

carrying on an updraught

a message to , blanket the world

and cast apon changing lives

a shadow, a measure of the power of nature

by its touch

a signature of invincibility

a sign for all to see

the Truth of the Prophecy


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