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Pyromancer by Don Callander

Updated on November 5, 2015
Cover of the first book in the 'Mancer series, reprinted by Mundania Press in 2013.
Cover of the first book in the 'Mancer series, reprinted by Mundania Press in 2013. | Source

About the 'Mancer Series by Don Callander

Pyromancer is a light fantasy novel from the Magical 'Mancer series (consisting of Pyromancer, Aquamancer, Geomancer and Aeromancer, and two more books) by American author Donald Bruce Callander. I've been wanting to read Pyromancer and its sequels as soon as I heard about them: apparently they have a lot of magic in the story (which I love) and it's also a fairly light-hearted and entertaining read.

The problem lied in acquiring the books as they have been out of print for some time. Thankfully, Mundania Press reprinted these great fantasy novels back in 2013, so if you want to purchase Don Callander's Pyromancer, it is no longer an issue. Personally I couldn't wait to get my copy and finally read it.

You will find a quick Pyromancer review as well as more information about the whole 'Mancer series (including where to find them) on the page below. Don't forget to rate the book if you've read it and leave a comment on your way out!

Pyromancer Review

Most fantasy book lovers usually give Don Callander's Pyromancer highly positive reviews. It might not be a masterpiece of epic proportions like the Lord of the Rings, but it is a very entertaining and fun read, just like light fantasy books should be. This also makes it suitable for younger readers; it doesn't feature much violence, although it does feature some darker themes.

Pyromancer tells the story of a young apprentice wizard named Douglas Brightglade, who is studying under his knowledgeable master, Flarman Flowerstalk. Like the name of the book implies, young Douglas is working to become a Pyromancer, or a mage who controls fire. He and his master eventually set out to stop an evil spellcaster, and accomplish many feats on their adventures.

The characters, including intelligent magical beings like the Bronze Owl, are wonderfully written, charming, and lively. The action doesn't flounder, and will keep you glued to the pages. Above all, it is just easy and pleasant to read, and just puts you into a good mood.

I knew I had to get this book as soon as I learned the premise. Like I mentioned before, I love magic so I'm automatically interested in any fantasy book where the main character is a mage. Him being a young apprentice also sounds great, because we get to follow him on the path to greatness. If you have read and enjoyed magical fantasy books like Harry Potter series, Terry Pratchett's works, or the M.Y.T.H. Inc. series by Robert Asprin, then you should like the Pyromancer as well - even if it's not as humorous as the latter two.

I have only talked about the Pyromancer so far, but of course the story of the young fire mage doesn't end there. Don Callander has written more books in the series, so don't miss them.

Book 1: Pyromancer

Douglas Brightglade is a new apprentice under a powerful wizard and supreme spellcaster Flarman Firemaster, also known as Flarman Flowerstalk. During his studies the young mage unlocks his own natural-born flare for pyromancy, a powerful skill that aids him in his battle with the Ice King. Douglas and his master travel the fantastical world, have many magical adventures and accomplish a lot of incredible feats.

This book is a reprint by Mundania Press. It is also available in a Kindle version, so acquiring this enjoyable little novel is no longer an issue.

Book 2: Aquamancer

The young Journeyman Pyromancer, Douglas Brightglade, travels into an unknown land together with his companion the Bronze Owl to investigate rumors of a coven of evil witches. As this is a part of his training, he isn't allowed any help from his master or any other full-fledged Wizard. When it appears that he has been captured, his fiancée and Apprentice Aquamancer Myrn Manstar sets out to rescue him.

Book 3: Geomancer

Trouble is brewing in the world: the renowned firemaster Flarman Flowerstalk suddenly disappears from his home, while Stone Men - ordinary folks turned into mighty 18-foot-tall beings by an ancient Geomancer's enchantment - capture and hold Douglas Brightglade prisoner until he can break their curse. The scattered Fellowship of Wizards must locate their missing members, break the centuries-old enchantment, and bring peace to the land.

Book 4: Aeromancer

Just like Master Pyromancer Douglas Brightglade did years before, it is now his beautiful wife's turn to complete a Journeying to try to become a Master Aquamancer. Her mission takes her to the distant port of Samarca, where she has to rescue Aeromancer Serenit. While Myrn isn't allowed to receive aid from higher-ranking wizards, when she ends up on the auctioning block at the market, her husband has to offer the highest bid to ensure her freedom.

Books 5 and 6

The series continues with books five (Marbleheart) and six (The Reluctant Knight). I haven't gotten to reading them yet, but I look forward to doing so. With the last installment in the 'Mancer series being reprinted in 2014, it is now complete.

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    • nephthys lm profile image

      nephthys lm 6 years ago


      Technically- pyromancy is the art of divination from a flame. But, it is now becoming to be used to mean control of fire.

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 8 years ago from USA

      Interesting book.